Families in Mesa, AZ, Rely on Local Smoke Damage Repair Company to Restore Their Homes

Copper State Home Builders provide an array of post-disaster restoration services, including fire, smoke, and water damage repair. Even a small, well-contained blaze can cause extensive smoke damage that requires professional solutions to remove.

Smoke damage is an often overlooked hazard after a blaze. Even if most of the property didn’t burn, smoke can permeate throughout the entire building, requiring every room to be carefully cleaned and restored. Plus, if the smoke problems go untreated for too long, permanent staining and respiratory health issues may arise. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for local homeowners; Copper State Home Builders is the trusted smoke damage repair company in Mesa, AZ.

Once the building is safe to enter, their team goes to work to determine the extent of the damage, plan the best course for remediation, and start restoring the property to its pre-fire condition. The smoke damage restoration process typically involves a deep scrub, sanding, and refinishing as necessary to remove all stains and odors.

The Copper State Home Builders crew also provides complete fire damage repair and water damage repair services. They repair, replace, and rebuild any features that were burned away by the blaze so that the finished rooms look new again. Likewise, if the property has suffered water problems due to firefighting efforts, they drain any standing water, dry out the rooms, and clean deeply to prevent mold growth.

They encourage property owners to act fast after a fire and call for help as soon as possible. The longer that a property sits damaged, the more complicated and costly the restoration process becomes.

Call Copper State Home Builder at (480) 744-1411 to learn more about smoke damage restoration and their other post-disaster services. Information about their work is also available online. Their team serves clients throughout Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler, AZ, as well as the surrounding area.

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