Best Real Estate Agent in San Francisco: The 2020 Real Estate Market Was Affected In Many Different Ways

Most people will look back on 2020 as one of the most historic years of quite some time. The virus and election of the first woman, an African American one at that, to the vice-presidency are certainly points that will be remembered for some time.

Realtors in San Francisco, CA, have seen more than just the virus and the election affect the market. One of the biggest to affect the market – the governor of California.

“The governor declared real estate to be an essential industry, so we were allowed to stay open and continue to work. My team of real estate agents serving San Francisco, California and I made certain to follow all protocols. It turned out to be a boon to our agency,” said Lazier.

The other big change was because of the technologically rich bay area. Many employed in the technology sector were sent home to work, and this meant the necessity of staying in San Francisco was not as important as once before. Some were expecting a huge exodus of people from the city for other areas of the country.

“The exodus from the city did happen but not to the degree that many were expecting. Most of those fleeing came from the condo owners looking for something better. Like all businesses, the technology sector adapted, and we San Francisco Realtors did as well,” continued Lazier.

More and more people are doing virtual tours than before, and this means a Realtor must keep their website as up to date as possible with plenty of high quality photos. Lazier has a full team dedicated to her agency’s website. See it at

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