Website Success Tools Review: Resolving Website Performance Issues through Comprehensive Monitoring

It is without question that modern businesses have a heavy reliance on their websites. This is because websites today function more than just requisites for digital presence. They can serve as a public portfolio of a business’s products and service offerings. They can be a point of contact between businesses and customers. And for many, websites have become the base of businesses operations. Their websites are the equivalent of office space, customer center, and retail floor.

In short, the website is the business. Websites have become the direct means for income. And as with real-life brick-and-mortar stores, a business owner should take certain precautions to ensure that their income generator runs smoothly and without interruption. Precautions like security and emergency measures such as CCTVs or smoke detection systems. Or choosing better business components such as a reliable supplier or utility provider.

For websites, these would be equivalent to choosing a reliable web hosting provider, ensuring a well-coded website, or having a system administrator look over things from time to time. These would go a long way in keeping a website performing optimally.

As previously mentioned, a website is an application. It is a program that is run by a computer. A result of machine operations. And like any machine, performance degradation will be inevitable.

It is easy to imagine an actual machine wearing out. Simple machines wear out, complex machines much more. But how about websites? How do websites falter?

Since a website is just a program, it runs dependent on the system that is hosting. That’s the web hosting servers. Web hosting servers’ service levels are rated in terms of uptime. This is a measure of time that a server is providing its services reliably.

A good web hosting server would have an uptime rating of at least 99.95%. That is a chance of 40 seconds of downtime happening in a single day. This is an impressive number until the chance of a continuous outage event in a single year of hosting service is calculated. And that number goes down to 4 hours and 12 minutes.

How bad are 4 hours and 12 minutes of downtime depends on how much business a website receives per measure of time. Definitely, large enterprises that depend on their websites for high-volume transactions stand to lose the most. Some put it to hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute of downtime. On the other hand, it is easy to assume that smaller businesses should weather an outage better but then again, some small businesses rely on a few very infrequent opportunities and it may prove too costly to miss even one. The across-the-board average for downtime losses? A few thousand dollars per minute of downtime.

Ok, so there’s the real possibility of web hosting downtime. Are there other things that website-based businesses should worry about? Yes, there are. A website’s code can get corrupted over time. Supporting network systems can crash. And there are always cybersecurity threats like hacking and DDoS attacks.

Then the most important question will be: how can one stay on top of all these possible issues? One business solutions provider has taken on itself to provide services to assist online business owners to maintain their website, and that is Website Success Tools.

Website Success Tools offers a comprehensive line of website monitoring services. Each kind of monitoring service has been specially designed to monitor and analyze a specific website performance issue.

Website Success Tools’ most popular line of monitoring service is its uptime monitoring. This is the service that most businesses would need. As its name would indicate, uptime monitoring involves periodic testing of a web host server’s uptime. Test results data is gathered and analyzed. If a serious service issue becomes apparent, the service automatically alerts the business owner or client. Time is important and the faster that a business could react, the sooner the service can be restored.

Other monitoring services of Website Success Tools include Page Speed Monitoring. This process tracks and measures a website’s overall responsiveness and performance and they can identify subtle errors hidden in the site pages. There is also Real-Time User Monitoring which gathers the browsing and navigating behavior of real users as they go about a website. And then there is also Application Performance Monitoring which is similar to Real-Time User Monitoring except that it utilizes synthetic testing instead of actual users. Application Performance Monitoring is used for pre-launch quality testing.

For every website performance issue, Website Success Tools has a monitoring tool to help business owners detect and diagnose. For comprehensive monitoring services, there is no better choice for businesses than Website Success Tools.

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