Cross-Docking Can Save Time and Money if the Right Company is Chosen

Intermodal transport of any type of goods sometimes requires the use of cross-docking.  Cross-docking is simply temporary storage that is used when delays occur and is a quick method of safely storing goods until the transfer of the goods can be completed.  Cross-docking services may be needed when one method of transportation, such as rail service, is being supplemented by trucking service.  In the interim exchange, cross-docking storage comes into play for many types of freight.  With the high volume of intermodal transportation between the United States and Canada, cross-docking services are in increased demand. 

Although there are many cross-docking companies that provide storage of this type, only the safest, most reliable should be chosen to ensure that no damages occur to any type of goods.  Ontario Container Transport has decades of experience in safe storage and cross-docking of freight and is affordable for the quality and safety of storage that the company provides. All storage units, facilities, transportation equipment and safety guidelines are of prime quality, so each company that uses Ontario Container Transport can rest assured that their goods will arrive in perfect condition each time OCT is used for cross-docking and storage.  

Some goods can be subject to a “no storage” rule, and therefore a company has a limited amount of time in which the goods can be stored.  Since OCT provides cross-docking. which is a short term type of storage, this rule can be suspended when using their services for short term storage.  OCT prides itself on the quick transport out of storage and the completion of the delivery, thereby circumventing the “no storage” rule that can hamper many companies in the delivery of their goods. 

This type of solution is also more cost-effective for most companies, as they do not need to maintain their own storage facilities, and OCT will even load the stored goods for transport to their final destinations.  OCT realizes that time is money and that the intermodal freight industry must follow specific rules on transport and storage, so all rules and regulations are well known, and safety of the goods is a primary concern of OCT. 

Longer term services are also offered by OCT, as are wrapping and palletizing services.  The company offers a complete solution to any type of freight transport if a customer requires more than simple cross-docking.  With the years of experience and the training of the personnel, OCT is a perfect choice for companies to ensure quick and reliable transport, storage, and delivery of their goods.  Any loss of goods costs money.  OCT assists their clients in preventing the loss of goods with their cross-docking and other storage and freight delivery options.  Overall, the company is a top reliable provider for freight transport, temporary warehousing and storage between the United States and Canada.

About Ontario Container Transport

Based out of Ontario, this intermodal freight transport company has been in business successfully for years and is known for their customer service, and safe and reliable cross-docking, storage, warehousing and delivery of goods.  Bridging the gaps in freight transport is a specialty and consultations on the needs of any client are always free

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