Less Than Truckload Freight Delivery is More Cost-Affordable and Efficient for Many Companies

Reliable solutions for less than a truckload freight delivery and international shipping services for companies that need LTL (Less Than Truckload) services can be few and far between.  RoadLINX of Woodbridge, ON, offers the flexibility, support, and efficiency in LTL that many companies seek.  The flexibility of RoadLINX gives them the reputation of being one of the finest providers of all types of freight services in Canada, and their ability to handle LTL loads is welcomed. 

Cost savings are the primary reason companies seek Less Than Truckload freight deliveries.  Full truckloads have a large amount of capacity that must be filled and there are many times when companies simply need to have smaller loads delivered safely and securely.  Companies can pick how much truck capacity they require and have options of delivering to multiple locations and shipping different products or items to each.  Of course, the delivery locations do matter, and can add to the costs, but overall LTL remains a more affordable solution for many companies seeking freight deliveries.

LTL shipping is best used when the items that are being shipped can hold up to other items being stacked on top of them.  Items that can be palletized are also a good choice for LTL shipping options as the items are then safely and securely transported.  These types of items are not the only types of items that can benefit from LTL shipping, but are the ones that most companies seek to have transported.  The only way to really assess cost and best methods of using Less Than Truckload shipping is to have an in-depth consultation with a company that specializes in this, such as RoadLINX. 

Since cost-savings are a primary reason for using this type of freight shipping and delivery, the variables must all be discussed firsthand, and RoadLINX is more than willing to work with any company seeking these services to make the proper recommendations and assist in saving the most money possible for all their clients.

The range of equipment offered by RoadLINX is large, from flatbeds, to dry vans, and even refrigerated vans called “reefer” vans.  Services include palletizing and wrapping to preserve the condition of the goods.  Blanket wrapping, escort handling, and expedited services are also offered.  If any unforeseen delays occur short-term storage in safe warehouses and vans is available.  After all, any type of freight delivery can encounter the unexpected occurrences.

Logistics of Less Than Truckload shipping and distribution are a specialty of RoadLINX and since all companies have different needs and different budgets, a consultation with RoadLINX should be the first round of business when considering any Less Than Truckload shipping.

About RoadLINX

Based in Woodbridge, ON, RoadLINX is a specialist and well-known company that provides all manner of freight and shipping to all types of companies.  The Less Than Truckload offering is popular, as this can be more difficult to find, and RoadLINX provides this service that is the ultimate in safety and timeliness.  Consultations are free and the company works hand in hand with all clients throughout the shipping process.  Many other shipping, warehousing, and freight delivery services are also available from RoadLINX. The company stands by its work and is proud of its good reputation in the freight industry.

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