According to customer reviews, the 10 best cool towels in 2021

The cooling time after a workout is an important part of any fitness routine-but it turns out that staying cool throughout the workout is equally important. Science shows that lowering body temperature can extend exercise time, thereby improving exercise performance.

Many professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts rely on cooling towels to maintain body temperature, including Serena Williams. It may sound contradictory, but multifunctional fitness accessories can keep people body cool with the heat emitted by people body-without ice.

Towels rely on evaporation technology to lower body temperature. Similar to sweat, the water in the towel evaporates into the air and reduces the temperature of the surrounding air. This cools the body and prevents overheating, which may cause heat dissipation or even stroke. (Check out Shape’s heatstroke guide.)

Microfiber and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) are the main materials used to make cooling towels. Both options are lightweight, but PVA tends to be more absorbent and has better heat dissipation. This is because PVA is a synthetic, biodegradable material that can weigh up to 12 times its weight in water. Shortcomings? It dries as stiff as a sponge, and the skin may feel uncomfortable between soaks.

Cool towels can be worn before, during, and after exercise. Most designs provide at least two hours of coolness. However, the benefits of using cool towels are not limited to sweating exercises: they can be worn during outdoor activities such as work in the yard, or when visiting an amusement park (used after COVID).

In addition, they are completely reusable and relatively cheap, with most towels priced under $25. Are people ready to try cool towels? Based on thousands of customer reviews, here are some of the best options.

More than 4,600 shoppers gave this cool towel a perfect evaluation, calling it a “life jacket” that keeps cool even in direct sunlight. It is made of 100% PVA and can hold enough water to ease the cooling time of up to four hours. From hot flashes to outdoor exercise, people can rely on it. Just moisten the towel and hang it over people head and shoulders to get an instant cooling effect (and UPF 50+ sunscreen).

If people plan to use a cool towel during exercise, choose a more breathable option, such as this mesh design. It is made of lightweight microfiber that fits people body and stays in place during hiking, yoga, and cycling. people only have 3 hours to cool down before the towel needs to be refreshed, but the nearly 1,700 five-star ratings prove that this is not the decisive factor. In addition, towels can be worn at least 10 times, and can be easily stacked in four packs per pack to achieve maximum cooling. (After purchasing a new product, try these outdoor exercises.)

Serena Williams trusts this cool towel brand on tennis courts-this hooded towel may be the company’s most innovative design. Its contour shape hangs over the head, and the side extends to the shirt or hangs to increase the sun protection effect. Wear it on the tail, poolside or during exercise, and it can cool down for up to two hours. In addition, the lightweight picks are machine washable and have 1,100 perfect ratings.

Ideatech has the same size as standard bath towels and is the largest choice in this product line. Its oversized design is big enough to wrap people body and bring people instant cooling effect after exercise. people can maximize its advantages by using it as an extra sun protection on a sunny day or as a lightweight towel for drying on the go. When people become obsessed (e.g. a reviewer says this is the “best thing” they buy on Amazon), be prepared to buy other color schemes. The body towel comes with a mini towel, so people can choose.

The rectangular shape of this net-like towel can easily hang down around people neck, so that people body temperature drops to the point of people pulse. Critics believe that it is light and absorbent enough to keep people cool for at least an hour. Each compact towel is placed in a bag with a metal carabiner, which is fastened to the backpack, waist bag and lanyard. not for sell? It also has nearly 500 perfect comments.

Use Mission’s machine washable pad to protect peopleself from dust and debris. Its high-performance fabric with evaporation technology can provide up to two hours of heat dissipation time. An experienced desert hiker shared that it worked “like a champion” to keep them cool in 120 degrees Fahrenheit weather, and the 800 perfect rating gave back people’s emotions. people most difficult choice is to decide how to wear a multi-purpose design.

This popular choice is made of an unexpected fabric: reticulated bamboo fiber. It provides the same cooling effect as microfiber or PVA without the use of chemicals, allowing people to maintain a cooling time of up to three hours. It comes in two sizes, and nearly 1,800 shoppers have been addicted to its super soft feel. (If people need more flexibility in people life, people can use Shape Editor’s soft leggings.)

Get up to four hours of heat dissipation time from this PVA-based joint. Despite the luxurious fabric structure, reusable towels are machine washable and easy to refurbish. This means it will not start to smell and can be used for everything from night sweats to exercise. More than 4,300 popular choices with perfect ratings in 5 colors.

Alfamo’s towels have the advantages of PVA (three hours of cooling time) without the downside (firm after drying). This is because it is made from a PVA blend, which also uses polyamide to maintain its softness. Although the brand was only launched in 2015, its thermal design has become a favorite among shoppers and has received more than 1,600 perfect reviews. (Related: Breathable workout clothes and equipment to help people stay cool and dry)

This affordable bundle provides Snag cooling towels for a little over US$3. It includes 10 breathable microfiber towels, each wrapped in a waterproof plastic bag with carabiner. The color of each towel is different-so people can share it with friends-and keep it refrigerated for up to three hours. Add to the already impressive 6,200 people.

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