Karagan Osmann Establishes S’moo, A Women’s Health Brand That Sheds Light on Hormone Imbalances

Karagan Osmann Establishes S’moo, A Women’s Health Brand That Sheds Light on Hormone Imbalances

The Health and Wellness industry has seen a lot of growth throughout the years. There are countless products on the market that cater to different client needs and demands, but there’s still a wide gap to cover, especially in terms of providing all-natural and alternative solutions for hormone health. Luckily, Karagan Osmann has established her very own brand that’s the first of its kind in the health industry, offering a healthy means of supporting women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

PCOS is more common than we think, with a shocking 1 in 10 women being diagnosed & to further the statistic, over 50% of cases go undiagnosed. The symptoms associated with PCOS are hard for women to overcome, and there have been limited solutions to help women regulate their periods, with the most common “solution” being birth control. There is a lack of awareness around natural solutions to regulate and ovulate naturally while managing common symptoms that come alongside it. Through her own brand, S’moo, Karagan Osmann shines a light on these issues by sharing her story, her personal successes, her product and simultaneously providing a community to help women everywhere find support and valuable insight from others.

S’moo has helped thousands of women rebalance their hormones and reduce or eliminate their PCOS symptoms and even PMS, Menopause, and Endometriosis.  CEO & Founder of S’moo,  Karagan Osmann said, “It is so rewarding to bring health back into women’s lives and unbelievably amazing to help women bring a child into the world when others told them it wasn’t possible.” The esteemed start-up business has made a world of difference in the lives of countless women, as shown via the success stories on S’moos website. 

So how did this happen? The creation of S’moo came from Karagan Osmann, when she spent nearly a decade struggling to find a solution to her own PCOS symptoms. “Every doctor just wanted to put me on birth control or told me to lose weight, but I knew that wasn’t a long-term solution. Ovulating naturally is so important, especially since I want to have children of my own someday,” Karagan stated.  So she decided to venture out on her own over the next ten years to find what worked for her, and once that was uncovered, she went on to fill that gap for women everywhere. 

Since the company leads as an “impact first” brand, adding value to the lives of their customers is the most important part; this is why it states to customers that if they choose to not take S’moo, these vitamins, minerals and herbs are still recommended separately if they are looking for a natural solution to try. S’moo was specifically designed to make life easier while managing your symptoms naturally and keeping things pill-free! Not to mention, the company stands by their product and also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if their customers aren’t satisfied.

Karagan has also established a dedicated community of women called S’moo Babes that promotes an environment of sisterhood worldwide. The community is there to remove elements of diagnosis-related isolation; S’moo Babes help each other at the highs and the lows and share their stories with one another to instill hope when times get tough.

Karagan Osmann wants to continue sharing her story with PCOS in hopes of inspiring women to take their health into their own hands and realize that there is hope no matter what you’ve been told. Karagan also hopes to inspire women to follow their dreams and never let medical results define them or how they live their life. S’moo is so much more than a product: it is a tool, a community, and most importantly, a lifestyle dedicated to living “impact first,” always. 

Karagan’s work with S’moo has become a massive inspiration to women everywhere, and she hopes to consistently deliver on her promise of helping women and empowering them to be their best selves. 

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