Fundmetric partners with Acadia University to hold virtual forum showcasing how A.I. can benefit nonprofits

Fundmetric and Acadia University joined hands in holding the Nonprofit A.I. Forum 2021, a virtual event that offers collaborative discussions on the most innovative solutions overcoming the barriers of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to nonprofits.

Fundmetric said the virtual event, set on May 18th, brings together the best experts and leaders in A.I. adoption for an immersive digital experience.

“The Nonprofit A.I. Forum is designed to give nonprofit leaders access to the latest technology and reposition the nonprofit sector from being under-served to first in line to access experts and learn the tactics that can give the third sector the edge,” a representative of Fundmetric said in a statement.

Framed from the outset on the ethics and digital challenges faced by nonprofits, Fundmetric said it has partnered with Acadia University to bring together leaders in planned giving, major gifts, donor retention, donor experience, and A.I. adoption experts for an unforgettable experience. 

Experts in the discussion will zero in on how nonprofits’ fundraising will change over the next decade and what to do to ensure their organizations thrive. 

“The nonprofit sector is in an era of transition. As donors become more informed and increasingly sophisticated, they are demanding more from nonprofits. With that said, the collaborative discussions seek to guide nonprofits on how they should prepare for the future,” 

Participants would learn about the latest in digital transformation and where the opportunities for A.I. exist for the nonprofit sector, and why efforts in A.I. development and implementation need to include diverse groups.

“They would also be able to hear from academics and nonprofit industry leaders alike as they present their latest papers, projects, and practical experience,” the representative added.

Leading the list of high-profile speakers are Micah Berman, Manager of Product & A.I. at Google; Senator Colin Deacon of Canada; David Janes of the Okinawa Institute for Science & Technology; Mark Koenig, Chief Innovation Officer of Oregon State University; Senator Ratna Omidvar of Canada; Dr. Amir Pasic, Dean of the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; A.I. Expert Barney Pell; Dr. Russel James, Professor of Charitable Financial Planning at Texas Tech University; Ajith Kumar and Aishwarya Vaishali of Acadia University; and Judy Zhu, Interim Director at the Canadian Cancer Society.

Fundmetric officials will also be among the speakers leading the charge in the event and will provide insights on how nonprofits, among others, can leverage machine learning and analytics to provide highly qualified leads and maximize lifetime value.

The list includes Fundmetric’s CEO Mark Hobbs, company Vice President for Operations and Strategy Rachel Crosbie, lead data scientist Dr. Greg Lee, and fundraising experts Mariya Yurukova, Tanya Rumble, and Meenakshi Das.

Members of the media may join the event to track discussions and experts’ take on repositioning the nonprofit sector.  

Fundmetric is an A.I. platform that runs and tracks analytics, campaigns, and donor behavior to enable organizations to create their next generation of donors.

The company has been changing the way charitable leaders adopt and leverage A.I. by making behavioral data meaningful and actionable — so that teams can connect with the donors they wouldn’t think of — faster and at scale.

Fundmetric enables fundraising, data, and leadership teams to create prediction models and launch campaigns within the same platform.

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