Tufina shares how rare the timepiece Made in Germany Rio Theorema exudes a fusion of classic and modern look

Tufina Watches has ramped up efforts in bringing the best German-made mechanical watches in the market with the unveiling of rare timepiece Rio Theorema. 

A perfect fusion of classic and modern look, Tufina said the Rio Theorema watch completes any collection. The German watch’s 44mm stainless steel case on either a stainless-steel bracelet or genuine leather straps on various color schemes makes it masculine and stylish.

With 2021 already shaping up to be a banner year for rare timepieces, Tufina said the beautifully designed Rio Theorema is out with a special discount, making it a must-have item for watch collectors. 

“When we released this German watch, we wanted men across the world to feel great about themselves through this timepiece. Its mechanical skeleton beauty reflects masculinity. Its unique fashion shows off the confidence in men,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

German watches, Tufina said, are timeless and masculine pieces, perfect for the manliest of men.

“For men, accessories and jewelry choices are limited. The primary accessories that they can wear are wristwatches, cufflinks, and wedding bands. That’s why the Rio Theorema, made with German precision, seeks to complete a men’s style — something that could be that cherry on the cake that would make them look more stylish,” the representative added.

Mechanical watches like the Rio Theorema have a movement that’s powered by a mainspring to keep time. 

“Compared to others, however, the Rio Theorema offers a more classic skeleton European design to showcase the intricate workings of the clock,” the representative said. 

The German-made timepiece’s face, topped with sapphire coated glass, is secured with stainless steel hardware. 

Tufina said a skeleton watch like the Made in Germany Rio Theorema is the perfect watch for men who are fascinated by the intricate workings of a mechanical watch. 

“As with all the other Theorema watches, this is a watch made for men. A gentlemen’s brand with real big watches that have a strong message to convey,” the representative added.

Tufina said men who are curious about how mechanical watches work can turn to a skeleton watch. They are affordable, stylish, and made using high-quality materials. 

Mechanical watches might seem like ordinary wristwatches, but Tufina said timepieces like these boast masculinity and watchmaking legacy. Rio Theorema offers a traditional watch that is perfect for showing off a man’s style, personality, and fine taste.

Tufina watches are seen as superb statement watches and are among the most impressive watches on the market. 

Tufina said all its products are manufactured and hand-assembled in Germany. Its watches ship from its warehouse in Münich, Germany.

Tufina said the Rio Theorema, just like its other watches, comes with a two-year warranty. The warranty covers faulty workmanship under normal use for the lifetime of the warranty. In case of defects covered by the warranty, all components (excluding glass, strap, and buckle) will be repaired, or the watch will be replaced free of charge.

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