Introducing Headline Capital Funding, the one-stop destination for entrepreneurs who need loans to start their businesses

Headline Capital Funding is a business services enterprise and independent sales organization that is proficient in business solutions, providing startups and small businesses with access to working capital.

It’s a certainty that small businesses and startup companies suffer heavily because they do not have access to capital, and if they were to get any capital it’s always limited on what they can get through traditional banking. As a solution, Headline Capital Funding, in partnership with several alternative lenders operating in Canada as well as the US, has proven to be a one-stop destination for business owners and entrepreneurs who need loans to build their brand from scratch or float business ideas.

According to available statistics, the alternative lending space is expected to grow to over $200 Billion by 2026. Currently, not many companies are aware of this, and not knowing, those businesses always head to the traditional banking way just end up hitting the brick wall. Last year, 32% of small businesses that applied for funding did so with an online lender. This small business lending statistic has grown substantially—up from just 19%—over the past three years; and Headline Capital Funding is spearheading this growth with its impeccable services.

These services are included, but not limited to:

  • Approval in 24 hours
  • Funding in days
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Personal Service: with a dedicated funding manager per client.
  • Multiple lending products to Fit client’s specific business needs

“We cater to companies in the B2B and B2C industries. Business owners come to us for funding, so we do our best to deliver the right types of funding based on their business situations. Our goal is to help every business owners that come through our company, regardless of their credit or cash flow situation”, explained Abdi Shiri, a company executive.

Headline Capital Funding operates by studying these businesses and relieving them of stress by understanding their financing options and getting them the capital they need through their top alternative lenders in the industry, all with the best rates and terms in the industry. 

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