Rob Finlay, Lobby CRE and IREM Have Created a New Interactive Income/Expense IQ Product

Charlotte, North Carolina – April 26, 2021 – Lobby CRE, the commercial real estate portfolio management company, and IREM, the international institute for property and asset managers, have teamed up to create a groundbreaking interactive Income/Expense IQ product.

Founder of Lobby CRE, commercial real estate innovator and certified property manager (CPM) with IREM, Rob Finlay, is thrilled to announce this upgrade, which makes working with comprehensive benchmarking data easier than ever. The collaboration between Lobby CRE and IREM allows this product to reach large numbers of people in the commercial real estate industry.

Finlay said regarding the announcement of the new benchmarking product, “I am very excited about the implications of this upgrade. The new platform allows users to easily and securely submit reports to compare performance of properties and visualize opportunities inside their portfolios. Commercial real estate firms will be able to automate peer-to-peer benchmarking, which is tremendously valuable in this industry. As someone with a passion for innovation in this industry, it’s wonderful to see new products like this one.”

The platform created through this collaboration includes an interactive dashboard. The previous method for sharing data within the commercial real estate industry was more complicated and time-consuming. It typically included manual submission of information.

Now the process of benchmarking income and expense data will be seamlessly automated. This has the potential to positively impact both operations and decision making for commercial real estate firms, consistently improving revenues and decreasing expenses.

IREM is an international community of real estate managers. They dedicate themselves to education surrounding superior management practices as well as maximizing the value of investment real estate. This partnership combines the technology of Lobby CRE and the network and information sharing of IREM. The benefits that both organizations bring to the table while collaborating on this new product are what make it such a potentially impactful tool.

Finlay further commented on the opportunities presented by this new product offering when he said, “It’s especially exciting to work with IREM on this project. With over 20,000 members, IREM brings world-renowned expertise to the table. Those members will have access to this new platform, so in effect, this partnership has added incredible value to members of IREM, as well as to clients of Lobby CRE. It’s one of the most exciting collaborations we’ve participated in our time as a company.”

The future implications of this product are game changing for everyone in the real estate industry. With faster and simplified options for data sharing, the industry can expect decision-making to become vastly more informed and operations to greatly increase in time-efficiency. This interactive benchmarking product will help companies maximize profits in ways that were previously unattainable.

Starting later this year, IREM members will be able to start taking advantage of the new interactive income and expense benchmarking product. As soon as the Lobby CRE platform becomes available, the technology will allow users to easily and securely submit all data and reports, revolutionizing information sharing in the industry.

About Lobby CRE 

Lobby CRE works with commercial real estate firms to transform their portfolio through intelligent data and portfolio management. It allows users to use just one platform to access multiple data sources and automate performance reporting across all of properties. Clients of Lobby CRE always know what is going on in their portfolios as well as why those things are happening. The use of ever-improving tech solutions empowers clients to know how and when to take action. Lobby CRE is a Thirty Capital company and has been creating solutions for commercial real estate firms for over twenty years.

About IREM 

Since the early twentieth century, IREM, or the Institute of Real Estate Management, has been providing property and asset managers with knowledge to take on real estate management’s most dynamic challenges. Almost 20,000 leaders in commercial and residential management work with IREM for education, support and networking. IREM’s CPM®, ARM®, ACoM, and AMO® certifications are internationally recognized symbols of ethical leadership and a well-managed property. To sum it all up – IREM and its members are here to elevate the profession. If you’re in the real estate management business, IREM is the place to be.

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