Experienced Criminal Defense Representation from Scott C. Nolan, A Top Criminal Defense Lawyer Fairfax

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation from Scott C. Nolan, A Top Criminal Defense Lawyer Fairfax

Fairfax, VA – Being accused of a crime puts the defendant in a serious position. Unlike some other problems, a criminal charge cannot be wished away. People faced with criminal charges need to act fast, hire an experienced lawyer, and get working on their defense. Scott C. Nolan understands the consequences of a criminal conviction and offers solid legal representation to clients across Fairfax, VA.

People who are faced with criminal charges and are searching for attorneys to help can schedule a meeting with Scott C. Nolan, to begin with. With years of practice experience and several successful cases handled, the criminal defense attorney ensures that clients are offered an initial case review and evaluation service to start with. During the initial meeting, the attorney seeks to understand the defendant’s side of the story while also educating them on the consequences of the charges filed against them. During this meeting, the attorney will also work with the defendant to devise legal strategies to use in their defense.

Scott C. Nolan understands that much of a criminal defense case depends on evidence and works closely with professionals to gather the relevant evidence to prove the defendant’s claim. Scott C. Nolan naturally pushes for criminal charges to be dropped against clients. The Criminal justice attorney can achieve this by questioning the evidence presented by the prosecuting counsel or questioning the integrity and relevance of the evidence presented.

Scott C. Nolan’s stand is to ensure that the burden of proof is held firm. Using its legal resources, the attorney law firm makes sure that criminal defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Scott C. Nolan understands what’s at stake when you’re facing harsh penalties for criminal charges: your family, your career, your freedom, and your future. He is skilled and experienced at handling the most complicated criminal cases and winning the best possible outcomes for his clients. Every client is treated with absolute respect and dignity and is offered every professional courtesy and consideration. You’ll work directly with Scott C. Nolan, and the lines of communication will remain open until your case is resolved,” said the representative for the law firm.

As a client of the Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer, criminal defendants can rest assured that they will enjoy an open line of communication from the beginning to the end of their case, whether they have been charged with a DUI offense, assault, and battery, burglary, domestic violence, or other crimes.

Scott C. Nolan also represents clients facing charges related to drug crimes, reckless driving, violent crimes, cybercrimes, theft crimes, white-collar crimes, etc. Visit Scott C. Nolan at 10304 Eaton Pl #100, Fairfax, Virginia 22030, or schedule an appointment via phone at (703) 223-8883. For more information, visit their website.

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