StockHunt launches new headquarters in Dubai for clients from Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Company’s innovative AI algorithms to provide greater intelligence in stock trading around the globe

Dubai, UAE – StockHunt has officially launched its new headquarters in Dubai for clients from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company’s all-new offices are located in the Emirati’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa on the 149th floor. The StockHunt office, the highest in the world, showcases the company’s vision for the future for clients. The innovative stock trading firm is taking trading to new heights and its new offices are evidence of that vision.

“We are very proud of our new offices in the Burj Khalifa,” Manish Kumar, Founder and CEO, said. “The entire team believes this is a major step and shows are ambition to clients.”

StockHunt uses innovative AI algorithms to provide clients with greater intelligence in stock trading in markets around the world. It enables clients to receive services including an automated Robo-Adviser, AI-based wealth management service and algorithm trading software. The AI software is capable of analyzing, monitoring and keeping up to date with breaking financial information in ways human individuals and teams cannot.

By accessing AI technology, clients are able to do more and never have to compromise. The company was founded by Kumar, an 11-year-plus veteran of AI and Fintech. He was joined in the creation of the company by fellow tech gurus, CTO Alexey Tsiunchik and CSO Jay Kupietzky.

The Robo-Advisory and Algo-Trading software revolution is officially upon us, and StockHunt is leading the way. Clients can track their stocks and information via the StockHunt website or mobile app. Their information is always available. The aim is for clients to sit back and let StockHunt’s AI algorithms produce positive financial results.

Part of StockHunt’s revolutionary work includes its fees charged to clients. Unlike other trading firms, StockHunt doesn’t charge a management fee. The firm only charges clients a performance fee for using its AI-powered software. Clients can expect full transparency as well.

“There is so much that AI can do for clients in the financial and investment sectors,” Kumar said. “We designed the company to deliver the best results to clients from information that humans just cannot get their hands on – or would take too much time to get to make timely decisions.”

For more information on StockHunt, please visit the company’s official dashboard

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