Creative Biolabs Backs Oncolytic Virus Therapy of Childhood Brain Cancer

Taking advantage of the OncoVirapy™ platform, Creative Biolabs, one of the most established biotechnology CROs, firstly responds to the influential phase 1 clinical trial modified virus treatment for childhood brain tumors by providing customized, standardized, reliable, and high-quality oncolytic virus therapy development services.

New York, USA – April 27, 2021 – Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Children’s of Alabama have completed a new form of treatment by directly injecting modified herpes viruses into the brain tumor. Though still in phase 1 clinical trial, the treatment with the modified oncolytic virus designed to attack tumor cells proves well-tolerated and safe.

Creative Biolabs thoroughly comprehends the significance of this study since aggressive childhood brain tumors usually show an incredibly poor prognosis, and contributes to the oncolytic virus early development. It has been devoted to oncolytic viral therapy research for years and established a comprehensive OncoVirapy™ platform.

The Principle of Oncolytic Virus Therapy

Attacking the tumor with the modified virus is believed as the enemy of my enemy is a friend. Benefited from the recombinant DNA technology, scientists can modify the viruses to only attack tumor cells while triggering immune responses to find and kill the tumor easier.

Having extensively studied the nature of various viruses and completely understood the major mechanisms of actions of oncolytic viruses, including direct lysis, the expression of transgenes, and the activation of the immune system, Creative Biolabs faithfully involves in oncolytic viruses development services of the gene of interest (GOI) cloning, amplification, purification, titering, whole genome sequencing (WGS), etc.

Existing Development of Oncolytic Virus Therapy

Oncolytic viruses have been broadly studied as promising therapeutics for over one hundred years. Besides the modified herpes virus in question, Creative Biolabs has developed various oncolytic viruses of different species specific to different types of tumors, such as adenovirus, measles virus, vaccinia virus, and vesicular stomatitis virus. It also covers one-stop solutions in the whole pipeline of oncolytic virus development.

Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus

The inherent abilities to specifically target, lyse tumor cells, and induce antitumor effects make oncolytic vaccinia virus (VACV) a therapeutic candidate for cancer treatment. Recombinant VACVs exhibit more competitive therapeutic ability, not only in medical laboratories but also in phase I and phase II trials.

Oncolytic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus

Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) is featured with well-studied biology, easy-to-manipulate genome, inherent tumor specificity, and many other favorable properties. Besides, reverse genetics has reconstructed recombinant VSV candidates for more oncoselectivity, safety, and oncotoxicity.

Oncolytic Measles Virus

The genetic stability of measles virus therapy is based on the selective oncolytic properties of tumors. Research demonstrated that engineered measles viruses have an enhanced efficacy as oncolytic agents.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a leading oncolytic virus therapy development service provider, which covers virus engineering, cell biology, animal testing, etc. With an advanced OncoVirapy™ platform, it facilitates oncolytic virus development with less time, reduced budget, and validated results both in vitro and in vivo.

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