Dominique David Louis Announces New Book “When God Is Your Lawyer” On the Dysfunctional Family Court System

Former IT executive, educator, and father of three launches book chronicling his experience of the dysfunctional and corrupt US family court system while trying to get a fair share of access to his kids and property after divorce

Dominique David Louis is proud to announce his book titled “When God Is Your Lawyer.” The book is the true-life story of what he went through while trying to get a fair share of access to his kids and property after divorce. 

“When God Is Your Lawyer” presents practical lessons to help people who’re going through a divorce become victorious and overcome. It offers hope and joy that leads to happiness and fulfillment, teaching readers the skills and strategy they need to win, no matter the challenges.  

The US family court system is highly dysfunctional, so it can be tough to get justice. But with this book, readers will learn how Dominique was able to beat all the hurdles and turn his life into a testimony of joy, happiness, and glory. 

Dominique David Louis lived with his ex-wife and three kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. They were software engineers, working to build their careers in Silicon Valley. Dominique later resigned as an IT Executive to establish and run a school. After years of fights, disagreements, and confrontations, the couple decided to call it to quit. 

His ex-wife wanted to have vengeance, and she had the backing of a very corrupt family court system. Dominique wanted to have a fair share of access to his kids and properties, so he fought the system for over three years, first without a lawyer and later hiring a professional lawyer, paying 550 USD/hr., until he went broke. Dominique lost his school, business, properties; everything that means something to him was gone. But in the end was about to succeed through resilience, focus, and persistence.  

The book discusses how Dominique found the courage and energy to confront his challenges. Readers will learn about the family court system’s illegalities and how resilience and consistency is the only way they can win. 

Readers will also learn how Dominique coped, got back on his feet, and remained resilient until he found light at the end of the dark tunnel. The author confessed that he couldn’t have done it without his support system, including friends and family members, especially his mother. Readers will also learn why they need such a support system to survive such a situation. 

“When God Is Your Lawyer” also contains seven spiritual lessons Dominique learned from his divorce and why everyone will learn from him. The book also contains a conclusion, appendix, and table of authorities, which are very helpful documents to read and learn from.  

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