Alternative Foot Solutions Treatment Eliminates Pain Without Orthotics

Sydney, Australia – April 27, 2021 – The services of a podiatrist are essential but often overlooked by individuals due to fear of orthotics. Alternative Foot Solutions specialises in treating conditions that cause pain, interfere with mobility, and affect people of all ages without the use of orthotics. Individuals can also sign up to be entered in a monthly drawing for a $200 “Athletes Foot” voucher and receive a free copy of a report on bunions. 

Alternative Foot Solutions is well-known for eliminating foot pain with treatments that are painless, don’t use orthotics or invasive and costly surgery. The practice addresses the underlying cause of pain rather than simply treating the symptoms. Individuals can receive relief from bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and a myriad of other conditions affecting the feet through mobilisation therapy. 

Plantar fasciitis in Sydney is one of the most common conditions treated at Alternative Foot Solutions.

Misalignment of the foot can cause pain and inflammation in the heel or arch when the plantar fascia ligament sustains microtears due to the pressure it bears and absorbs. It’s common in joggers, runners, and those with weak arches, but can occur at any time and often without a specific cause. 

Treatments can provide an alternative to orthotics Sydney and decrease reliance upon the devices. The hands-on techniques offered at the practice brings about permanent change for improved functionality through gentle alignment of the foot. 

Pain in the heel often occurs under or behind the heel where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone. The source can have multiple causes ranging from a stress fracture to pressure on nerves. Heel pain treatment in Sydney can include alignment of the foot bones and strengthening of the muscles without orthotics. 

One of the most common reasons for pain in the feet is bunions. They occur when the big toe deviates from its normal position and leans toward the middle of the foot. It’s painful and affects the way people stand and walk. It can cause bony growths that are encouraged by ill-fitting shoes and heels. No one needs to undergo bunion surgery Sydney with the natural treatment available at Alternative Foot Solutions. 

No one needs to live with pain, resign themselves to living with orthotics, or undergo invasive and expensive surgery. Alternative Foot Solutions specialises in hands-on treatment methods designed to relieve pain, enabling individuals to have the freedom to engage in the active lifestyle they want. 

About Alternative Foot Solutions 

We understand the frustration when your foot pain holds you back from doing the things you love. We’re here to help you be free from pain, free to be active without restriction, free from orthotics, free to say no to orthotics drugs or surgery, and free to wear the shoes you love. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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