Houston retail group set to hire Herman Harris of TEN 4 Enterprises as strategic consultant

Houston retail group set to hire Herman Harris of TEN 4 Enterprises as strategic consultant

HOUSTON, Texas – A local business impacted by the recent pandemic may soon benefit from the joint effort of a state grant and a new strategic plan. The board of a private Houston retail group will spend approximately $220,000 as it aims to hire an independent consultant. Following a competitive selection process, business strategy consultant Herman Harris of TEN 4 Enterprises, was selected.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, committee member, Ethan Smith noted in the company’s development review meeting in January of 2020 that the need to address the trending decline in revenue was “cautiously alarming”. A planned project of $8.1 million to improve operations was approved by the board last year but was later stalled due to economic impact. Once the full swing of the pandemic occurred “we knew we needed to address the problem as quickly as possible. We’ve already absorbed unforeseen risks. Having an expert consultant with a new set of eyes on our current plans helps us tremendously. We trust Herman,” Smith said.

The assistance from state issued grants has provided the opportunity for many businesses to revive their stake in the local economy. While certain spending stipulations are required to be maintained with state funded grants, the retail group looks forward to a boost in growth. Kevin Brown, an executive committee member, explains that in addition to the state grant funding the company will also use resources from its contingency fund to finance their strategic growth transformation. The overall estimated cost for the project is about $24 million, the board has said. “It’s not a secret that all facets of the retail marketplace are changing. Amazon has completely changed the scope of retail. We have to evolve assertively, smartly and, most of all, profitably if we want to remain relevant,” Brown said. The board anticipates a positive recovery from the development of a new comprehensive strategic plan. “We are confident in the strategic approach Mr. Harris brings to us. He’s innovative and forward-thinking. His firm can help us identify the bottlenecks and give us a roadmap to recovery,” explained Brown. The project will be segmented into phases.

Sophia Garcia led the focus group interviews in search of consultants to assist the board. The comprehensive plan will include data analysis, market and audience assessment, operations solutions, brand enhancements and strategies to strengthen the relationship between retail and consumer. Upon contract confirmation, “Herman Harris will serve as our strategic consultant. He will work in tandem with our executive leadership and growth expansion operations committee as well as independently,” said Garcia. The board is expected to spend $72,000 per month for the hire of Harris, according to Garcia, with up to an additional $6,000 for miscellaneous expenses; as needed. The length of the contract is three months which will include weekly remote and site-based support. “Mr. Harris gained our interest almost immediately. His energy was great and his desire to inquire about details of processes below the surface synced well with our need to discover new solutions,” said Garcia. “The pandemic intensified our struggle in a rapidly changing industry. We believe with his insight we can recover – and we’re willing to invest in that,” added Garcia. The selection pool gathered 12 consulting candidates.

The project is scheduled to launch this year and may include additional candidates, said Brown.

Herman Harris is the founder of TEN 4 Enterprises – a Houston area based management consulting firm. He specializes in strategic planning, marketing, business development and operations management. In 2016 the Houston Business Journal recognized Harris as one of the top consultants on the move within the city. Harris was also highlighted as the Best of Brand Marketing by LinkedIn the same year. Herman has worked with several businesses in the Houston area. His network also extends beyond Houston, including relationships with Josh Wright of Simply Wright Fitness in Brenham, TX and Aaron Henry of Foundry 512 in Austin, TX, among others in the state. More information can be found on his website.

Bids submitted for the strategic plan project reportedly ranged between $205,000 and $256,000.

As a matter of disclosure, permission has been granted to direct media inquiries to Herman Harris.

Cc: Kevin Brown; Sophia Garcia

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