Stage Hypnotist Uses Performances to Entertain And Change Lives

Derrick Watkins’s expertise in hypnotism shows how powerful the mind can be.

For many years, hypnosis has been related to mind control. This relation often leads people to think that hypnosis is a negative thing. But over time, hypnosis became an avenue for people to entertain and help uplift lives.

For Derrick Watkins, is a comedy stage hypnosis entertainer, author, and motivational keynote speaker. His hypnosis demonstrates how powerful the mind is. He is certified and trained in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), handwriting analysis, face reading, and drug addiction, and relationship loss and grief coaching. Derrick has been in the industry for over 15 years and uses his expertise in hypnosis to entertain and even change lives.

Derrick performs his comedy stage hypnosis show called Dare to Dream. Dare to Dream is a comedy stage hypnosis show where 30 (or fewer) people volunteer to be hypnotized on stage. The program, which runs for 60 to 75 minutes, is filled with laughter and fun as the volunteers begin to do hilarious acts. His programs include colleges, HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities), project graduations, post-prom parties, corporate events and lecture series, fairs, festivals, and resorts. More information is available at

Derrick travels all over the country to spread the good vibes his comedic hypnosis acts can bring. He specializes in high school, college (HBCU), and corporate entertainment. He does freestyle hypnosis and does it with unmatched professionalism, charm, and energy. Derrick helps students and professionals realize how powerful their mind is and how they can use it to their advantage.

Derrick does his hypnosis flawlessly and effectively because of his expertise and ability to charm his audience. But not everyone who is charming and studied hypnosis can do hypnosis. It also requires being able to set the surroundings and mood right. “Words in a book can hypnotize you if the rhythm is right,” said a representative.

Derrick may be a performer by nature, but offstage, he helps people improve their lives. Most of these people have fears and phobias, and experienced relationship losses and grief. He uses hypnosis to help these people remove their fears and worries. He also guides them to move on after a loss or grief. Derrick utilizes his extensive knowledge in NLP, relationship grief, handwriting analysis, and master’s degree in social work to help people in need overcome any kind of obstacle.

Before Dare to Dream, Derrick worked as a motivational keynote speaker who helped people overcome their addictions and increase motivation. He focused on comedy hypnosis entertainment because he loves enervating and educating people. Derrick Watkins was featured on various media, such as tvOne, News, TRL-MTV, The Bleacher Report, 98.7 Kiss-FM – New York, Love, and Hip-Hop – New York, and many other radio stations and podcasts. Today, he continues to expand his knowledge, learn more techniques, and eventually develop his unique style of comedy stage hypnosis.

About Derrick Watkins Enterprises

Derrick Watkins is a stage hypnosis entertainer, author, and motivational keynote speaker. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry and brings with him his unmatched high-quality professionalism, charm, and energy every time he comes on stage for his Dare to Dream Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show.

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