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Potential buyers and sellers can rely on for all important vehicle information on their desired vehicle.

When buying a car, many people hesitate because they are doubtful about the car’s true condition. Knowing the exact type and specifications of a car before making a purchase are some of the most important factors that would determine if it’s actually a good buy after all.

This is where vehicle history reports come in handy. A vehicle history report is a detailed document, made available to potential buyers or anyone interested in the vehicle, that provides vehicle information about the history of the car. Through companies like, buyers can access all essential vehicle information to know if a car is worth buying. provides alerts to any issues the vehicle may have had in the past or accidents that may cause recurring issues. It’s also helpful when selling a vehicle, since it allows transparency between the seller and buyer and gives the buyer a sense of security that the vehicle is in good shape and has no underlying issues. ensures that every vehicle information is factual, truthful, and helpful for buyers to make informed decisions about the car they may be thinking of buying. Among the information contained in the vehicle report are odometer readings, damages, collisions, recalls, photos, previous owners, information regarding the title, and many more.

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For four years, has been collecting a vast amount of data on more than 350 million Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) records. It covers a majority of the vehicles registered in the U.S., with reports including data from as early as 1981. Having these reports reduces the chance that buyers will buy a car with problems or defects.

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