Schneider Electric Leverages Hannover Messe 2021 for Numerous Product Announcements

Schneider Electric Releases New Version of its EcoStruxure Automation Expert Focused on Consumer Packaged Goods and Logistics Operations

Schneider Electric released version 21.1 of EcoStruxure Automation Expert, its software-centric universal automation system, with a technology focus for consumer-packaged goods, pharmaceutical and logistics enterprise applications.

Schneider Electric is implementing EcoStruxure Automation Expert in its own Smart Distribution Center in Shanghai, China to help reduce costs and improve efficiency. Because the software is decoupled from the hardware, modifying the conveying line to adapt as flow requirements change can be easier and more cost-effective. With EcoStruxure Automation Expert, identifying the root cause of failure and troubleshooting can be up to four times faster. And with up to 45 percent less products on the error line, throughput can be increased by up to 5.3 percent.

Among other advancements, EcoStruxure Automation Expert V21.1 includes: enhanced cybersecurity, diagnostics, discovery and commissioning features, and expanded libraries and language support.

Schneider Electric Announces Two New Service Plans to Help Strengthen Business Resilience Faster

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of two new maintenance and modernization service plans at Hannover Messe 2021. The customer outcome of both plans is to enable stronger business resilience through digitized electrical equipment. Designed to help companies ensure operational continuity and resilience, each new approach is designed to accommodate better flexibility in budgeting and funding.

The first of Schneider Electric’s new services offers is called the Service and Modernization Plan. It extends the lifespan of older electrical equipment assets, allowing them to remain in operation for a number of extra years, then replaces them with new equipment before the end of the contract period. While ensuring service continuity with 24/7 manufacturer support and expertise, this plan digitizes electrical installations according to a company’s future needs. Importantly, it also spreads the modernization investment over several years, in order to balance CAPEX budgeting requirements with the need to strengthen business resilience today.

The second new offer is called the Service and Modernization Financing Plan. This plan immediately replaces obsolete assets through a financing solution. For enhanced service continuity, this plan delivers the reliability of brand-new assets alongside Schneider Electric’s know-how and support. It also helps companies to immediately benefit from digital technology and advanced services to enhance their assets and asset management. Like the Service and Modernization Plan, this plan also spreads the modernization investment over several years. The new bundled solutions offer financing, modernization, and service plans to helps to provide support of a company’s core business continuity and uptime.

Schneider Electric Releases Digital Switchgear

Schneider Electric has announced the commercial availability of its new green and digital medium voltage switchgear range at Hannover Messe 2021. SM AirSeT is designed for greater sustainability, using pure air and vacuum interruption instead of SF6 gas, as well as allowing users to leverage digital features to help to further leverage the value of the data. The new offer is a more environmentally friendly continuation of one of Schneider Electric’s most common product ranges for secondary electrical distribution, SM6.

Since unveiling the company’s combination of Shunt Vacuum Interruption (SVI) technology and pure air insulation in 2019, Schneider Electric has built numerous pilot projects of the SF6-free medium voltage range at both utility and private customer sites. This new switchgear is designed for secondary electrical distribution markets, such as industrial and commercial building applications and utilities, and is now available in several geographies in Asia and in Europe.

As seen during the pilot stage, Schneider Electric has received a high level of interest due to the combination of SVI and pure air insulation enabling the avoidance of SF6 while maintaining the advantages of the compact physical footprint and other benefits afforded by that industry-standard gas. The new SM AirSeT switchgear offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities, including the SF6-free switch-fuse, which is often a preferred solution for building installations. It also retains the operating mode of traditional SF6-based equipment.

Schneider Electric Releases Galaxy VL 3-Phase UPS for More Efficient, Resilient Industrial Power Protection

Schneider Electric announced the launch of its Galaxy VL 200-500 kW (400V/480V) 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for industrial applications. Available worldwide, the newest addition to the Galaxy family offers a more efficient and ruggedized, compact UPS, with up to 99 percent efficiency in patented ECOnversion mode, often providing a return on investment within two years (model dependent) for critical applications within industrial facilities. Schneider Electric unveiled its new Galaxy VL for industrial applications during the Hannover Messe virtual event.

With Galaxy VL, Schneider Electric introduces ‘Live Swap’, a new feature which delivers a more touch-safe design throughout the process of adding or replacing the power modules while the UPS is online and fully operational, which help to provide enhanced business continuity without requiring unscheduled downtime. Additionally, Live Swap’s touch safe design offers additional protection for employees who no longer have to transfer the UPS to maintenance bypass or battery operation during the insertion or removal of the power modules.

Key Benefits of the new Galaxy VL:

  • Maximize space for critical production equipment: Galaxy VL is a compact UPS, up to 50 percent more compact than the estimated market average, at 0.8 m2, meeting the demand for uninterruptible power in space-constrained industrial environments. Additionally, Galaxy Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinets deliver total space savings of up to 70 percent compared with VRLA battery solutions. 
  • Rugged design for harsh environments: includes high operating temperatures of up to 40°C, dust filters, conformal coating on critical PCBA boards and seismic-ready system protection.
  • Saves money: Galaxy VL’s modular, scalable platform enables it’s users to pay-as-they-grow, helping to reduce CapEx investment, operating costs, energy consumption, and TCO. Power can be scaled instantly in 50 kW increments from 200 to 500 kW with no extra footprint.
  • Reach sustainability goals: Up to 99 percent efficient in ECOnversion mode for a return on investment often within two years in energy savings (€26,280 EUR estimated annual electricity savings). As a Schneider Electric Green Premium product, it also includes the option for long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Increased Reliability through EcoStruxure: By connecting Galaxy VL to EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform, users can leverage EcoStruxure IT software and services. These EcoStruxure offers enable users to monitor, manage, and model their IT infrastructure and get service and support 24/7 from any location.

The Galaxy VL is available worldwide and can be purchased direct from Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric Releases next generation TeSys Giga Motor Starters with digital innovation

Schneider Electric announced the release of its new generation of TeSys Giga series Motor Starters. The TeSys Giga series has been designed with smart digital innovations to deliver a simpler, more sustainable, safe and secure customer experience for panel builders, consulting engineers, system integrators, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that can further increase reliability and high electrical durability.

TeSys Giga series Motor Starters are designed to serve the needs of the process machinery, water and wastewater, metals, minerals and mining as well as various other manufacturing and processing industries. It helps to reduce engineering time and complexity, while improving machine reliability and driving down maintenance costs, reducing downtime through a number of benefits and features:

  • Modular design: The unique set up enables easier replacement of spare parts, helping to improve the reliability and robustness by up to 90 percent with up to 50 percent faster integration and commissioning time.
  • Compact footprint:  More compact design with a 40 percent size reduction to help enable more optimal cabinet installation space.
  • Self-diagnosis: Predictive maintenance can be achieved through contact wear diagnostic and coil over/under voltage detection. It’s unique calculation method provides a more precise status, which can help to reduce downtime and optimize site operation with its tips wear level indicator, coil under/over voltage indicator, internal fault indicator, and contactor open & close status indicator. These features help to maximize resilience and uptime for a more efficient site operation.
  • Full-scale protection: Initial settings help to guarantee greater safety for users when it comes to relay protection, including overload protection, ground fault protection, and phase imbalance protection.
  • QR Codes: Delivers technical documents, technical video guides, and counterfeit safeguards that help to improve the customer experience.
  • Better reliability and design for harsh environments: Improved auxiliary contacts (17V,1mA,10-8) help to enable better reliability in harsh environments and conforms to high density PLC input applications

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