Virtuous Circle Counselling Announces The Addition Of Occupational Therapy And Adolescent Counselling To Their Client Services

Virtuous Circle Counselling Announces The Addition Of Occupational Therapy And Adolescent Counselling To Their Client Services
Virtuous Circle Counselling has added new staff in the form of therapists and a psychologist which has extended its available services and resources.

This spring, Virtuous Circle Counselling has announced that they have expanded the scope of their counselling practice to include Occupational Therapy and Adolescent Counselling. The addition of new practitioners, in response to growing demands from clients in Calgary, Alberta for counselling and therapy provides clients with an expanded suite of evidence-based therapies that have been clinically proven to be effective. The expansion allows Virtuous Circle to offer assessment, treatment planning and direct intervention for a range of needs including post concussion syndrome, cognitive functioning, processing/attention difficulties, traumatic brain injury, social skills development, behaviour concerns, trauma and family relational challenges. 

Tiffany Petite, Therapist and Clinic Director, is excited about these new additions saying, “When I opened my practice, I wanted to offer the best services possible to the local community. I know that there are many people in need of treatment who have yet to find a helpful solution. It’s time for us to bring something new and valuable to these clients and their families. When our clients trust that we can help them with whatever they may need in life, they have an opportunity to move forward more quickly than ever before.” 

As part of Virtuous Circle’s holistic and integrated approach in mental health, these two new services provide clients with the opportunity to work with therapists who have specialized training and skills in their respective areas. 

Occupational Therapists work with individuals of all ages. They assess the physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of people with a wide range of acute or chronic conditions in order to create plans to help them participate in everyday activities. Occupational Therapists assist individuals at all levels of function by providing services such as therapeutic interventions that encourage participation in play and leisure opportunities; training in adaptive techniques that enable self-care and independence; assistance with learning new skills to adjust to developmental changes; assistance with strategies for interacting more effectively with others; and counselling assistance for personal growth objectives. 

Adolescent Counselling is the process of creating a safe and trusting relationship so young people can express their feelings and concerns while connecting to the help they need to work through issues at school, home, with friends or with themselves. It has been well established that children and adolescents have a greater capacity to learn how to regulate their emotions and behaviours when they are safe, supported, understood and challenged in the right way by trusted adults. As a result, it is crucial for children and families to have access to effective adolescent therapy services.

With the addition of these specialized services, Virtuous Circle is making counselling accessible to a broader range of clients while also providing better access to service for the residents of Calgary with their ability to provide both onsite and online counselling. 

Virtuous Circle Counselling provides counselling services to individuals and families while maintaining the highest level of clinical quality and ethical standards. Virtuous Circle carries a strong dedication to aiding individuals in achieving personal growth while coping with life’s challenges with a keen emphasis on empowerment.

You can learn more about their team members and their models of therapy by visiting the website at

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