Mastering Transformation – Debbi Dachinger’s Newly Released Anthology Helps Readers Grow and Accomplish More

Los Angeles, CA, USA – April 28, 2021 – International best-selling author and coach Debbi Dachinger has now released her latest anthology book, The Untold Secret to My Transformation. The new book features an introduction by Debbi where she shares her philosophy and techniques on how to transform. Along with golden nuggets of wisdom and practical techniques from the four contributors of the book who each have highly unique and valuable advice to offer.

The Untold Secret to My Transformation is an engaging read that introduces readers to a host of tools and techniques to end their limiting blocks and achieve their full potential. Debbi Dachinger talks about the art of growth and what techniques she used to transform into the best version of herself. The authors share their powerful stories of how they overcame great adversities. They are on a mission to help people be successful, grow, achieve more, and lead happy and fulfilling lives. Featuring Barbara LaRocca’s ‘The Pearls of Transformation’ and Art Giser’s ‘The Art of Transformation’, the book also shares ‘Playing the Money Card’ by Karen Abrams and ‘The Heroism of Being Different’ by Fran Fisher.

Barbara LaRocca Psy.D is a coach and hypnotherapist who helps people find progress in their endeavors immediately. She works with leaders and all levels of people who seek excellence. Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, works as a leader to leaders. Using transformative energy work, he frees people from their spiritual blocks and opens more of their amazing potential. Karen Abrams is a Master Theta Healer with a knack for entrepreneurship. She specializes in empowering women to become personally and financially fulfilled. Fran Fisher RN., Ph.D is a Certified Counselor and a registered nurse with over 50 years’ experience. Fran has a passion to improve people’s lives through education and intimacy health awareness.

Debbi Dachinger is an international best-selling author and a Media Visibility Authority, while also being a certified coach who proactively helps people overcome their limiting barriers and grow into their best version. With her work in the media business spanning many mediums, she is currently the host of her ‘Dare to Dream’ podcast show. She also runs her own company that helps budding authors successfully launch their literary endeavors and get to the bestseller spot.

Debbi Dachinger and the other authors are available for interviews.

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