Life After Death Encounter – Lisa M. Roseman’s Newly Released Book Shares That Miracles Do Happen and Provides Hope to Caregivers

Los Angeles, CA, USA – April 28, 2021 – Throughout people’s lives, they know that they are inching closer to death with each passing day. How will it happen-an accident or an injury? Perhaps it will be a disease? Or maybe it will be as simple as old age? The what-ifs can consume us!

BUT WHAT IF… What if the most incredible awakening and the next stage of LIFE comes at the time of death?

The Highest of Care – A Journey Through Cancer follows Lisa M. Roseman as she learns of her mom’s cancer diagnosis, provides hospice care, and witnesses a life-after-death encounter with Jesus at her mother’s bedside.

Lisa reaffirms her faith in God and reminds every one of his unwavering presence, despite their doubts, heartaches, and relational battles. People may worry over their life, fear death, and question so many of life’s twists and turns. But Lisa engages all these challenges with real-life experiences that reestablish her faith in the Lord and prompt others to look for evidence of God’s eternal promises as well.

The Highest of Care is especially helpful to those who are providing hospice care to loved ones or patients. A caregiver’s ultimate goal is to keep them comfortable and at peace. Now-more than ever-they can be assured that the next stage of “LIFE” is incredible!

The Highest of Care: A Journey Through Cancer is now available on Amazon. Lisa M. Roseman is available for interviews.

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