Osbourne Pinner Helps to Get Child Custody to Mother by Law

Osbourne Pinner Helps to Get Child Custody to Mother by Law
The British Immigration Lawyer Solved Another Complicated Divorce Case to Provide Child Custody to the Mother

Osbourne Pinner is known for providing professional and transparent advice for divorce and child custody cases. Recently, the team of solicitors have handled the case of uniting a 10-year-old child’s custody to her mother and construct a mutual separation.

It was quite a tough case to handle because the respondent’s party was quite a rich man and the woman (mother) was independent with a manageable income.

The client was suffering a troublesome marriage where she was facing domestic violence and low maintenance life. In the 11 years of her marriage, her patience broke down during the time of lockdown due to the COVID crisis. Staying with a person who is digging her grave was not a life she expected to be. The client prepared her mind and decided to file for a separation with her child’s custody. It was a tough legal battle for the client as this experience was a life-changing moment.   

The team of divorce lawyers UK understood the essence of the case and presented it to the court by showcasing the mother’s closeness and moral teachings to be a much promising thing for a secured future of a child.

The client contacted Osbourne Pinner and began with a free initial consultation to grasp all the information on the child custody lawyer and apply for the divorce.

Further, the child custody lawyers worked as a proficient team as they became the backbone of the client to fight for the divorce and get the child’s custody in her favour. The client was given every piece of information related to the duration of the case and the required financial investment. Due to the covid situation, the proceeding in the court was delayed, and no standard information was provided. 

She had faith to take steps under the guidance of the best child custody lawyers of Osbourne Pinner.

After hearing out her story, the solicitors of Osbourne Pinner began with its documentation process and further collected all the shreds of evidence of domestic violence by getting all the medical check-ups. It made the client’s case strong and resulted in uniting her child’s custody by law so that a child is secured with a better future prospect and a healthy living.  

Based on her experience with Osbourne Pinner’s team, it turned out to be the best decision the client made. It is because the team stood in her support all through her tough time. The best divorce lawyers guided her from scratch to win a hassle-free divorce and get the child’s custody.

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Osbourne Pinner is known to be the outstanding team of law solicitors in London. The team handles various legal matters like divorce, visa application and immigration process. With excellence and years of experience, the team understands legal matters’ complexity and takes a friendly approach towards welcoming the clients.

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