Debbie Stevens Launches A New Book I Fell In Love With the Son Of A Witch

Talented author and women empowerment advocate, Debbie Stevens of Saffron MindBenders Collections takes readers on a spiritual journey in her new book “I Fell In Love With the Son Of A Witch”

Debbie Stevens has taken her pursuit to help millions of people in different parts of the world break free from the imaginary restrictions that have held them down for years a notch higher with the launch of her new book titled I Fell In Love With the Son Of A Witch. In a related development, Debbie Stevens will be hosting a virtual book signing via Instagram on May 23rd

I’m here to empower women to love themselves beyond belief,” said Debbie Stevens. “Excited about the birthing of this book during Covid-19 dark days!! My future goals are to finish my MindBenders Collections to bless more people to come up and be the best they can be!!” she continued.

Millions of people worldwide, irrespective of their age or gender, struggle with different life challenges and sometimes find it difficult to create solutions to such problems, ultimately leaving them stuck in a position for a long time. Unfortunately, many of the supposed self-help guides do not deliver the needed solutions to liberate users from whatever issue restricting their progress. However, Debbie Stevens is personifying the experience by chronicling captivating and life-transformational stories to lead readers to their truth and spiritual journey.

Debbie Steven adopts a no-holds-barred approach to narrate how unexpected events can throw an individual into a state of shock, irrespective of their level of preparedness. The book, which is currently available on Amazon, has already started to garner reviews from readers across the globe. “This book was a good read with twists and turns that captured my attention. It left me wanting more. Looking forward to future books,” said Shay Taylor.

For more information about “I Fell In Love With the Son Of A Witch” and other projects from Debbie Stevens, please visit – and Instagram @msdebbieorsaffron

About Debbie Stevens

Miss Debbie Saffron Stevens is a very proud mother of three and a Glam-Ma of Princess Melrose. Born in Alabama at the Fort Rucker Military Base and having an experience of living overseas in Germany as a child, Debbie has always been passionate about bringing women to the FULLEST of their inner beauty to shine on the outside in confidence and strength to love themselves and DEMAND love, respect, and appreciation from any relationships.

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