Upshift Offers Staffing For Foodservice and Hospitality Businesses

Upshift offers staffing options for clients seeking workers in the Food Service and Catering industry. Clients looking for staff with experience in the food industry can now rest easy knowing that Upshift has vetted the best quality workers for them to choose from.

Foodservice and Catering business requires competent workers who are familiar with the industry’s day-to-day operations. Upshift conducts a rigorous vetting process that seeks to highlight the individual capabilities of each worker and screens out 88% of applicants. Clients can choose their most preferred staffers by skimming through the available worker profiles and check out their ratings and experience. By doing so, clients get a feel of worker qualifications and ensure they get the right match for the job at hand.

Upshift offers equal opportunities for both workers and employers, giving them a chance to find their preferred working options. For instance, workers can select potential employers and choseshifts that work with their schedules. Employers then sift through the list of available workers to choose the ones best suited for the role. This process increases the chances of a successful outcome.

The foodservice and hospitality industry comprises a wide range of roles from kitchen staff to bartenders, dishwashers, preparation cooks, and banquet servers. Some of these options may require background experience while others do not. Upshift offers the chance for the employer to determine the level of background experience they require and match them with the most preferred candidate. Upon acceptance, the employer confirms the worker’s availability limiting any chance of disappointment.

Employers using Upshift get access to a dedicated Account Manager that assists them to sift through the many profiles available. Employee management is Upshift’s responsibility, easing up the work of the employer, and providing them with the detailed information through a simple invoice. Upshift has revolutionized the temporary workindustry allowing employers to know what exactly they are signing up for, and what they will eventually get.

Upshift spokesperson says, “We are dedicated to ensuring that foodservice and hospitality businesses end up with high-quality, able workers. Acquiring on-demand workers has never been easier with our state-of-the-art technology platform.”

About Upshift

Upshift’s hiring process attracts tens of thousands of people in search of temporary part-time jobs. The vetting and acceptance process is extremely meticulous with only twelve out of a hundred participants cutting through The harsh and strict process is a testament to the insistence on high-quality workers to give their clients the very best in the business.

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