Caro Suki Introduces Stylish Workout Wardrobe To Inspire Fitness Enthusiasts

Caro Suki Introduces Stylish Workout Wardrobe To Inspire Fitness Enthusiasts

April 28, 2021 – Carolina Sicoli has opened her doors to anyone who is looking to stock their workout wardrobe with stylish wears. She also welcomes anyone who is willing to take part in her workout routines and consume her fitness tips on Instagram. 

What is better than working out, staying fit and keeping one’s mind and body healthy and active? Apparently, only one thing beats that, and it’s looking absolutely fabulous while doing all of that. @carosuki is the inspiration everyone is probably looking for. 

“When gyms and group classes closed, I found myself left alone in a small space to work out. So I had to get creative with what I had. I love fashion, but being in a pleated skirt and stilettos was not functional to my active lifestyle anymore,” says Caro Suki.

A Miami-based socialite and workout enthusiast, Carolina Sicoli started her journey when she was only 16, engaging in all sorts of physical activities. Pilates, yoga, dancing, boxing, barre, functional training and just about every physical activity there is out there. The Covid-19 outbreak however put a strain on these activities as gyms and classes closed. 

Dresses and heels were not functional and Caro Suki was forced to remain stylish in her athleisure. Choosing the best and most stylish activewear brands whether to stay comfy at home, or rush out for groceries or a meeting is important to look good, feel confident and squeeze in some exercises whenever you have the chance to, especially with the pandemic. 

“Do we need cute outfits to stay active? Absolutely not! But I promise it helps with motivation and, if you are already wearing it, why not move a little bit?” says Caro.

Cute athleisure outfits were Caro Suki’s motivation to train at home when the gyms and classes shut down, and today she is trying to motivate others to stay fit and fabulous even when Covid-19 is trying to kill everyone’s vibe! In a time like this when everyone feels down and unmotivated, breaking some sweat in a cute outfit could be just what you need to get your spirits and bodies feeling up again!

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