Zippity The First Operating System For Transforming Customer Experiences In Mobile Service

This all-in-one software solution drives modern convenience and transparency for customers while simplifying mobile service management for professionals.

Offering customers fantastic service at their homes or business can be difficult when dealing with the unique challenges of mobile service. It requires careful management of scheduling, customer relationships, and services to keep those customers happy. Anything less can quickly impact revenue, customer retention, and referrals.

Zippity knows this all too well after five years of delivering mobile car care. Building from its previous experience, Zippity has developed the first software to streamline the mobile service experience for both customers and providers. Their product combines customer-centric features like online self-scheduling, simplified service reports, and an instant communication platform, so customers benefit from having a modern, digital experience. Meanwhile, mobile businesses get essential functions through point-of-sale software, a CRM system, a geo-optimized customer schedule, and a complete shop management solution. The result; smoother mobile service from the second a customer books an appointment, to receiving their service report via email, and beyond.

Zippity’s objective is to drive retention, revenue, and referrals for mobile businesses. The key to all of this is Zippity’s digital experience. So how does it work exactly?

Zippity’s team places an online scheduler and point-of-sale system directly on a business’s site. So customers can see personalized upfront pricing and enter their payment information as they book one of a business’s services. Zippity puts the business in control of the schedule by setting drive time limits, service areas, and availability for each of the service vehicles out on the road. Taking the admin work out of scheduling and payment collections while improving accuracy and convenience for the business and their mobile team.

Zippity’s founder, Ed Warren, says it best: “We’re here to help bring real value and efficiency to a business in a time when mobile service is more important than ever.”

On the day of each service, Zippity helps deliver a modern customer experience. Being able to send texts and automated notifications to customers about the appointment status as well as sending an email about the service’s results, work authorizations, and potential upsells, and all this from Zippity’s admin portal. Whilst online invoicing is streamlined, a customer database holds all the business’s records and even gives revenue reporting, showing opportunities and efficiencies for the growth of the business. Plus, on-site technicians are supported with a mobile app that simplifies data input and optimizes customer interactions and reporting. It all adds up to a better, more intuitive mobile service that puts customers first.

About Zippity

Built by and for mobile service professionals, Zippity is the first platform built to transform customer experience and optimize operations.

Use one system for point-of-sale, CRM, and shop management. Enabling businesses to improve operational efficiency with less busywork. Set rules that group and geographically route bookings so technicians spend less time on the road. Give customers the power to self-schedule, pay online, and receive automatic updates in real-time. Gain the motor to deliver a modern digital experience, improve customer retention, and drive mobile business to new heights.

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