New book, “Barbaric Heart” by Michael M. Baldridge is released, a gripping memoire of a Marine’s journey into becoming a warrior, and learning how to fight his way back

“Barbaric Heart” by Michael M. Baldridge has been released worldwide. This 96-page memoire is a deeply personal account of life as Marine in combat, but instead of simply telling stories of war, the author shares introspective ideas about what it means to transform into a warrior both physically and mentally, the toll it can take, and his long journey toward healing.

Barbaric Heart (ISBN: 9781736841044) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $11.99 Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

The character of a man’s heart can only be revealed by the truths that exist in the wild. Until tested by the exacting benchmarks of strength and violence, the heart of a warrior will never fully come to fruition. Only in the bargain of blood for knowledge will a man know his mettle and have the opportunity to feel the truth warmth of the sun. Only those that have solved the violence equation will know the powerful calm of the settled storm. A high toll is offered to chance and possibility as one ventures into the wild among the savage and unyielding forces of man and nature. Once undertaken, the violence equation must be completed in full. Only after a thorough analysis of the passage can one understand the mysteries of themselves and the chaotic patterns in constant occurrence all around us. The following is an account of my journey into the wild as a United States Marine Critical Skills Operator, Marine Raider. The account chronicles my computation of the violence equation in brutal honesty. The joy of becoming a part of an elite warrior tribe, the despair of losing brothers in combat, and the terrifying rage that reshaped the man I once was. It was the honor of my life to live, fight, and die among the most noble warriors I have ever known. Follow the long winding road of catharsis and healing as I searched to reclaim the full-hearted warrior I became in the wild. The search to reclaim my Barbaric Heart.

About the author:

Michael Baldridge is a former Critical Skills Operator (0372) of Marine Forces Special Operations Command and a ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He has logged time in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the South Pacific in support of the war on terror. After a decade of combat service, Mike has observed the absolute best of the warrior spirit as well as the depths of human tragedy. After leaving the military he was faced with a simple yet elusive decision – face the past, or let it enslave him. Through bracingly honest introspection and analysis, he has discovered the path back to living. Not only living but thriving as a barbarian armed with the knowledge of the only undeniable truths of this existence – strength and violence. This body of work is the first step in the manifestation of a larger walk of life. A journey to be shared with all who know of strength and violence and seek catharsis.

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