Young Entrepreneur Rehan Hassan Continues to Amass Success in Ecommerce Space

Rehan Hassan is currently one of the most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs in the world with Marketing Mayhem, a multimillion-dollar company under his wing. The company is a parent organization that is behind many successful eCommerce brands. Through Marketing Mayhem, Hassan helps online businesses to grow by leveraging his eCommerce experience, marketing strategies, and available finances.

Like most successful individuals, Rehan Hassan started small. He made his foray into entrepreneurship in 2006, from his bedroom. He only had $500 to work with on his credit card, and he made sure that he spent that money wisely. He made a few mistakes, lost some funds, but in no time he found his path and soon discovered his own unique path to running successful online businesses.

Speaking on his philosophy and mentality and how he managed to grow an empire out of nothing, Rehan Hassan said, “You have to spend smart and focus on the right aspects of the business, to ensure you remain profitable and can continue to grow. If you are considering starting an eCommerce business yourself, it’s the easiest time in history to do so.”

In early 2011, Rehan Hassan started his first eCommerce store, a ladies’ fashion brand. He conducted business via Facebook and Instagram sales channels. Using his superior eye to spot market gaps and demand, he found winning products that appealed to his ideal audience and sold thousands of items to the exact people who needed them. He progressed by expanding into more products and staying up to date with new releases.

Now, a successful entrepreneur, Rehan Hassan lives and operates his business from The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai, UAE. He has leveraged his experience, marketing expertise, and available funds to dive into more global markets and new businesses with Marketing Mayhem acting as a parent company to all his ventures.

For upcoming entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space, Hassan recommends focusing on one project at a time. He says, “A man once said the man that chases two rabbits catches none – therefore you must Focus.” He disclosed that implementing ideas fast could be key to staying ahead of one’s competition in the fast-paced eCommerce space. Hassan disclosed two other tips – to take big risks and to work with a mentor. In his own words, “Who would’ve thought a young kid from immigrant parents could accomplish so much? No matter where you’re from or what challenge you’re facing, know you can accomplish anything you want in life – just never give up.”

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