Actor Chad Wright in Award-winning Feature Film Avocado Toast is Superb

Actor Chad Wright in Award-winning Feature Film Avocado Toast is Superb

“Actor Chad Wright played the role of a Priest in the film “Avacado Toast.””
Utah actor Chad Wright appears in the film “Grandpa’s Crazy?” and in “Avocado Toast,” which received four awards at the Utah Film Festival.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Two feature films made in Utah are expected to be released in the summer of 2021, and Utah actor Chad Wright has a role in both. He plays a priest in the award-winning “Avocado Toast,” and the adult son of a lost elderly man in “Grandpa’s Crazy?”

“Avocado Toast” has already been distinguished with several awards presented at the recent Utah Film Festival. The film won four awards including Ensemble Cast, Editing, Lead Actor (Justin Ray), and Supporting Actress (Mikayla Iverson).

“We make movies to stir emotion, to help you laugh, to make you cry, to soften your challenges, even for a day, to make the world a better place and as a catalyst for positive change,” said Wright.

“Congratulations to master writer-director Tyler Farr. He created an environment for us to do our best work. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to take the art of film making to a new level, and be part of highly capable, intelligent, synchronized cast and crew,” Wright added.

Wright plays the role of a priest who offers heart wrenching counsel and advice to Adam (Justin Ray), a hard-working, play-by-the-rules, family-man, who risks everything he has in an effort to live as a “Millennial.”

“Chad Wright made unforgettable moments in each pivotal scene he was in. He brought believability to the character through religious research, even attending a confessional booth, and with his professional acting skills and intense passion greatly contributed as he played opposite lead role Adam,” said Farr.

“I admire how Tyler Farr created this film, from its story to how it is creatively delivered. The story line is hilarious and ingenious.,” said the official review by the Utah Film Festival. The film is expected to be released to theaters in July, according to Wright.

“Grandpa’s Crazy?” is about an lonely elderly man who pretends to get lost to try to get attention from his family, but it backfires and they try to have him declared incompetent, but the kids from the skatepark come to Gramp’s defense. It’s a fun film that entire families will enjoy,” said Wright.

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