Cloud GIS Market Estimated to Reach $5.21 Billion Mark by 2026

Cloud GIS Market Estimated to Reach $5.21 Billion Mark by 2026

“Cloud GIS Market”
Rise in Adoption of Cloud GIS Tools Owing to Their Wide Range of Applications Like Monitoring of Real Time Geographical Data, Traffic Congestions, Spatial Analytics and Others are Driving the Growth of Cloud GIS Market.

The global Cloud GIS Market is estimated to surpass $5.21 billion mark by 2026 growing at an estimated CAGR of more than 19.7% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026. As an emerging trend of technology the field of GIS (Geographic Information System) is steadily expanding. The global cloud GIS Market is growing steadily driven by increasing demand from the location based services market Since the U.S region is making huge investments in the use of GIS technology in various industries such as natural resources, utilities & other sectors, North America is dominating the market & holds the largest market share followed by Europe and APAC. The Government of India has started with the implementing the GIS technology and initiated Digital India projects to upgrade the internet network and infrastructure so it is easily accessible to the people. The adoption of Cloud GIS technology by various governments worldwide will drive the market.

Cloud GIS Market Segment Analysis – By Type

The services market for Cloud GIS is witnessing fast growth as the aim to eliminate organizational complexity as well as reintegrate functions in a simplified environment is possible through these services. Consulting services is provisioning of services provided by an independent contractor by means of consultations. Consulting services for GIS includes Strategy / Change Management, GIS Technology Office and many more. GIS software is used to identify, extract and analyze data including business data. GIS services help an organization to discover and utilize their location aware data in a new dimension. The consulting services for Cloud GIS provides a visual perspective of any organization’s data that can help to make better decision. This consulting services are provided to establish business growth strategies.

Cloud GIS Market Segment Analysis – By End Use Industry

Cloud GIS offers the following positive business outcomes such as customer analytics and loyalty marketing, capacity and pricing optimization and predictive maintenance analytics in the transportation sector. Travel and transportation organizations face capacity restraints thus a sharp focus on pricing and ability optimization is crucial. This price and ability optimization helps to analyze more historical data with great frequency in real times and for yield management. By analyzing and capturing operational data, GIS data enables the asset-intensive industries to control and maintain their assets to enrich the safety, performance and life span of equipment. Cloud GIS offers the new capabilities for public transportation operators and urban city traffic management to improve service to passengers and create new business opportunities and capabilities.

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Cloud GIS Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

The Global cloud GIS Market is dominated by APAC with a market share of over 35% in 2020. The growth in use of geospatial analytics, growth in internet penetration, rise in the developing industrial sectors and growth in infrastructural developments are boosting the growth of the market. The growth of cellular networks and real time communication for the various applications for instance wireless broadband, mobile applications, GPS tracking and others are also driving the growth of the market in this region. Furthermore, ride sharing companies and food delivery companies such as Ola, Lyft, Uber, Doordash and many others are also using it widely for the purpose of taking feedback from the customers, backend asset management and processing data to find out the density of cars and check the availability of drivers for ride. These factors are boosting the growth of the market.

Cloud GIS Market Drivers

Rise of Big Data Analytics

Big data analysis utilizes large data to uncover correlations and other insights. As of 2019, there are more than 74 terabytes of information collected by the Library Of Congress in the U.S. This growth of big data has led to a significant rise in the business intelligence market, thereby leading to growth of location analytics. Big data has improved the perspective of the consumer for the better. Location intelligence can help to simplify mapping, ordering, assistance, and queue management. Understanding the spatial position of an individual has helped to enhance visitor experience in a wide variety of industries.

Rise in Internet Penetration

The rise in internet penetration has enhanced the use of Cloud GIS solutions. It is due to the high speed internet that real time monitoring of devices is possible nowadays through which communication is also possible. One growiign application for GIS is in the healthcare sector where it is used in real time diagnosis of patients through wireless broadband. All this is possible owing to the presence of internet. The patient receives first aid through the consultation of doctors’ on-route to the hospital. The ambulances are installed with wireless connectivity which runs through the availability of high speed internet. Furthermore, the national labs are using these Cloud GIS tools for managing the chaos of natural disasters, improvement of crisis mapping, weather condition predictions as it allows real time monitoring of all the geographical information. All these applications are possible owing to the presence of high speed internet in almost all the locations around the globe nowadays. These factors are driving the growth of the market.

Cloud GIS Market Challenges

High Initial Cost of Integration

In terms of the various advantages provided by cloud GIS, the positive return on investment remains the biggest concern for different businesses and serves as a significant limiting factor for the overall growth of the demand cloud GIS tools. Cloud GIS is in its infancy stage, but for businesses that move from conventional tools to these cloud GIS tools, the initial cost of investment is high. In order to ensure smooth functioning, businesses will need to employ competent and skilled technical personnel. The perception of not achieving the anticipated return on investment could therefore restrict the overall growth of the global market for Cloud GIS solutions.

Market Landscape

Product launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Cloud GIS Market. Environmental systems Research Institute (ESRI), Google, Microsoft, Super map Software Co. Ltd, Hexagon, Carto, GIS Cloud, Autodesk Inc., Auto Navi Software Co. Ltd, Bentley System Inc., International Business Machines (IBM) and Amazon are considered to be the key players of the Cloud GIS Market.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches/Partnerships

In 2019 LuxCarta introduced its new product line named BrightEarth. BrightEarth uses artificial intelligence algorithms and these are a series of global geospatial product. This product line is delivered in the cloud as it is developed in the cloud.

In 2020 Woolpert acquired Data Cloud Solutions, an internationally recognized systems integrator, cloud solutions provider and consulting services firm, DCS. DCS collects, reviews and manages large volumes of data, and specializes in GIS data solutions.

Key Takeaways

Rise in adoption of Cloud GIS tools owing to their wide range of applications like monitoring of real time geographical data, traffic congestions, spatial analytics and others are driving the growth of the market.

The cloud deployment is dominating the market as the data integration can be done efficiently in the cloud with less complexity along with upsurge in use of cloud networks globally.

The real time geographical data used by devices for instance smart phones, vehicle sensors, imaging sensors on drones are majorly extracted from the cloud GIS solutions.

Ride sharing and delivery companies have increasingly utilized Cloud GIS solutions for GPS tracking and asset management applications thus driving market growth.

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