Mohammed Ali Oukassi, “Mr. E-Commerce”, Extends eBakery Services to the US Market

Mohammed Ali Oukassi is not resting on his oars as he seeks to extend the reach of his e-commerce agency, eBakery to serve companies, businesses, and start-ups in the US market

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today and this is no surprise coupled with the breakdown in physical interaction due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Businesses are now transiting from physical structures to embracing e-commerce for the continuation of their business activities. As the desire for this transition is growing across the globe, experts in the e-commerce industry like Mohammed Ali Oukassi are improving the quality of their services to help more business achieve their goals.

Mohammed Ali Oukassi is the founder of Germany-based e-commerce agency, eBakery and just recently he announced he would be extending the frontiers of his e-commerce agency to the shores of the United States of America. Oukassi’s eBakery agency is one of the largest e-commerce hubs in the German-speaking space and it is no surprise he is bringing it down to the West.

Often referred to as “Mr. E-Commerce”, Mohammed Ali Oukassi had this to say, “At eBakery, we have experts for almost every popular shopping system on board. In the future, we hope to have even more to make our marketing work out more effectively.”

Since entering the e-commerce sector in 2013 by providing top-notch e-commerce help to already established businesses looking to create an online framework and start-ups venturing into the e-commerce niche, Mohammed Ali Oukassi has grown eBakery to become a leading provider of excellent e-commerce consulting. With this move to the United States market, Mohammed Ali Oukassi hopes to provide businesses and start-ups in the US with better e-commerce services by taking care of the construction, operation, optimization, and marketing of all kinds of online shops.

Through his teams of specialists at eBakery, Oukassi offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions. Additionally, he has employees working remotely from all over the world that makes it easy for his agency to scale up and attend to clients simultaneously. Certainly, “Mr. E-commerce” has been brewing plans for a global take-over for years and this move is no surprise.

Notable among the strategies adopted by Mohammed Ali Oukassi in growing the eBakery brand over the years is a strong social media presence. Not only does he exemplify this growth hack, Oukassi teaches this growth hack while helping businesses start their online shops. Some of Oukassi’s and eBakery’s social media engagements include:

  • A strong Facebook presence
  • A YouTube channel where new videos are uploaded on a daily basis
  • Podcasts offerings accessible via Spotify, Soundcloud, Google and Apple Podcast
  • Tweets about interesting news from the e-commerce world
  • Operating e-commerce discussion groups
  • Activities on LinkedIn and Xing

eBakery has partnered with e-commerce giants like JTL, Vario, Shopware, Gambio, and xentral among others, and created brands such as Smoke2u, The Household Paradise, and AUST Fashion to mention a few. The train moves to the United States market and Mohammed Ali Oukassi believes it would be a major break for his company and the much-needed salvation in e-commerce in the United States.

About Mohammed Ali Oukassi

Mohammed Ali Oukassi (also known as Mr. E-commerce) is a graduate of Economics from the University of Siegen. He began his e-commerce agency in 2013, eBakery, providing e-commerce consulting for start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Today, Oukassi has grown the eBakery brand to become one of the largest e-commerce hubs in the German-speaking space. With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, Oukassi intends to continue to provide top-class e-commerce services, turning eBakery into a global e-commerce brand.

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