Decoration process of a knitted sweater processing factory

Knitwear processing factories use knitting needles to form loops of various raw materials and yarns, and then connect them to form a knitted fabric.

knitwear process factory

1. Rolling: Take a 45° strip diagonal material according to the material’s latitude and longitude direction to wrap the edges of the garment pieces solid and light. It is a common decorative method for processing the edges of clothing. The types are thin incense rolls, narrow rolls, wide rolls, single rolls, and double rolls; or two-layer rolls, three-layer rolls, and four-layer rolls according to the seam level (commonly known as skin-head rolls). Rolling and inlay are often used in combination to give people a delicate and luxurious beauty. They are used on plackets, collars, necklines, hemlines, vents and other parts.

2. Dang: commonly known as Dang Tiao. Women sweater suppliers think it is a strip-shaped decoration form hanging on a certain part of the garment with foreign materials. There are single-layer swing, double-layer swing, unilateral open-line swing, narrow swing, wide swing, single swing, double swing, one roll and one swing, and one roll and two swing. It is mostly used to decorate women’s clothing and children’s clothing, and has the characteristics of simplicity, elegance and uniqueness.

3. Pan: Button loops made of fabric or silk rope, coiled into various patterns. There are two kinds of flower and button. The pan flower is to bend the button loop into various flower patterns, which are used for the fastening or decoration of the neckline, front chest, hem and other parts of the clothing. It produces an artistic effect in the virtual and the real. It is an exquisite decoration of high-end clothing. Pan buttons are twisted into various patterns of buttons with button loops. There are 3 types of hollow flower buttons, solid flower buttons, and two-color flower buttons. The subject matter is rich and the connotation is profound, such as “Fu, Lu, Longevity”, “Shou Tao”, flowers, animals and other pictographic flower buttons, with strong national characteristics.

4. Inlay: Men sweaters manufacturer the fabrics of different colors or different qualities are formed into a whole garment with different charms in the form of edge, strip, and color.

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