How to use popular colors reasonably in the sweater making process

When woolen sweater processing factories use popular color cards for color matching in woolen sweaters, they should also do it according to different situations. Under the premise of keeping the color characteristics of popular colors unchanged, we can derive more and richer color series through changes in transparency and purity. Fashionable sweaters for young women should use the fashionable colors in the popular color card. The main color is appropriately matched with embellishment and harmony colors; traditional woolen sweaters, with achromatic color as the common color and harmony color, are mainly used for the popular color as embellishment, which not only reflects a certain sense of fashion, knitted sweater fabrics It is inevitable that there will be some defects in the manufacturing process. Due to the control of production time and production cost, the sweater color repair industry has emerged.

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The custom knitwear suppliers thus have a certain market space, and also give manufacturers and sweater wholesalers more valuable time. At the same time, it improves the time advantage of sweater wholesalers to seize the market. This relative backstaining has a certain time and efficiency advantage. It also has a certain degree of conservativeness and is easily accepted by relatively conservative people, thereby expanding the range of fashionable colors. The continuous enrichment of sweater raw materials and the improvement of the level of spinning technology have made some high-count yarns also used in the knitting of sweaters, and knitted sweaters have gradually become clothing that can be worn in all seasons. This has further promoted the development of sweaters’ outerwear, fashion and serialization. The variety of sweater styles and the unique texture effect of the organizational structure show a significant difference from other clothing, which promotes sweater clothing to be loved by consumers.

The custom winter sweater manufacturer designs and manufactures sweaters with novel and fashionable styles, simple knitting techniques and short production cycles, which can not only meet market demand, increase market share, but also increase corporate profits. The sweaters designed by the deconstruction method have unique styles, simple craftsmanship and high production efficiency, which are just in line with this trend. It is imperative to apply the deconstruction method to design and produce sweaters.

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