Smart And Soulful Song “My Fault,” By Ross Victory Captures Survivor’s Guilt In An America Divided

Ross Victory, singer, songwriter, and award-winning author from Los Angeles, debuts his song, “My Fault,” on all major streaming services on April 30, 2021. The visuals for the song will debut on Youtube the same day.

“My Fault” is a melancholic reflection of the cultural moment in the United States. Victory captures the survivor’s guilt of a nation that has watched replays of innocent black men being murdered by police and takes a schizophrenic approach to justice.

He sings, “If everything is my fault, who do I call?” The song also refers to “conspiracies” and the growing challenge the public (and organizations) face to establish trust through sheer presence of misinformation.

“My Fault” ties critical reflections with a simple, catchy hook, positioning itself for Top 40 and Contemporary R&B audiences.

“My Fault” is held together by a bassy downtempo R&B groove, an angelic harp riff, and a mellow Jazz guitar to set the scene. At the same time, a distant trumpet announces the song’s haunting melody.

Victory’s vocals are faultless, heartbreaking, and rather easy to enjoy which does not detract from the song’s message. The singer takes listeners through the reflective journey like a calm breeze.

Over the course of the pandemic, Victory has mastered DIY creation, furthering enhancing his natural creative writing talent. From graphic design, video editing, and Facebook Advertising classes, Victory is an artist who is contributing to meaningful conversations with the quality and precision of signed artists.

“My Fault” is Victory’s 13th musical release since 2019. “My Fault” was produced by Lucid Soundz, Mix and Mastered by Pxncho! Beats, and recorded at Good Vibes Studioz in Burbank, CA in January 2021.

Additionally, as an accomplished author, Victory ties his brand of music and literature together in a unique, heartfelt way by abstracting relatable themes and sentiments for listeners (and readers) around the world that reflect the moment.

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