VENUS Becomes A Leading Natural Health, Cosmetics and Skincare Supplier in Vietnam

The company meets the growing demand for people looking to purchase natural cosmetics, skincare, and health products. The online Vietnam store is dedicated to all-natural, cruelty free products.

A leading Vietnam health and beauty company has been credited for changing the industry. VENUS, which belongs to Venus Trade and Investment Co., Ltd provides top of the range health and beauty products that have no harmful ingredients in them. All their products only contain natural ingredients, which means customers no longer have to worry about putting products on their skin that could contain chemicals that can damage or irritate their skin. In addition, Venus also trains spa careers and is a supplier of high-tech aesthetic machines.

The products currently available but not limited to include cosmetics, food and healthcare protection, and baby range products. Included in that range are the hormone supplement Ngọc Mỹ Nữ Plus, Weight Loss Pill and Supplement, Beautiful Hair & Nail protection for hair and nails, Nasal spray for sinusitis An Xoang Vương, Herbal Mouth Freshener Bảo Nha, Liver Supplements LiverCare, and CARE UV sunscreen products, to name a few.

All the products have been carefully selected for their natural ingredients and the positive results they provide. The prices have been kept low by passing all the savings made onto the customer. By removing the middleman, the prices will continue to be kept low, providing customers with the best products at the best prices.

The global natural cosmetics market is estimated to be worth $36bn and will rise to $54bn by 2027. VENUS understands the market and understands that more people are now moving away from health and beauty products that contain chemicals that they have never heard of and moving towards natural ingredient products. That is why VENUS continue to add products to their portfolio list that customers can use without the fear of what they may contain.

A recent study found that the average woman under the age of 50 use 12 health and beauty products per day. The research also found that those women who purchase those products were unaware of the harmful chemicals that some of them contain. Many of the top-selling cosmetic brands contain chemicals that include beeswax, crushed beetles, and/or animal fat

VENUS want to educated people on the importance of only using products that contain natural ingredients. With their reputation, and manufacturing the very best products, more people than ever before in Vietnam are using their health and beauty products without the fear of using products with harmful chemicals included.

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VENUS brand belongs to Venus Trade and Investment Co., Ltd., was formed and developed since 2013. With a team of young, enthusiastic, and experienced experts, we are proud to be a unit. leading reputation in the field of distribution of health care and beauty products.

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