Zeusx Integrates Discord to Its Gaming Marketplace

The Discord integration is a feature providing a more personalized experience to ZeusX’s community.

Of the places on the internet where gamers can feel secure and free to trade with their fellow gamers, Zeus eXchange — or most commonly known as ZeusX — is one of the most visited, used and trusted. Founded by Alex Tay and launched in March 2020, this trading platform for gamers all over the world enables them to buy and sell gaming assets like accounts, in-game items, top-ups, services, gift cards and collectibles. It focuses on mobile gaming and innovates toward providing a personalized experience and community integration for its users.

Aside from mobile gaming, the gaming marketplace startup also focuses heavily on e-sports and gaming gigs/services. It stands out by aiming to be hyper-personalized, and its community is integrated with content, gaming tools and ecosystems.

One more distinction that makes ZeusX exceptional is it is the only gaming marketplace in the world with Discord integration. This feature provides gamers a choice to receive their trade notifications on their favorite gaming communication platform, and to be part of the community server.

“Since launching just a year ago, we have attracted 250,000 gamers from all over the world and helped at least 3,500 of them to set up shop and participate in a massive global ecosystem. Our market transactions now double every 2.5 months, proving that gamers are finding immense value to connect through us,” said Alex.

The platform aims to be the ultimate destination in a heavily segmented landscape with no true one-stop-shop portal for gamers. They want to create a better life for gamers everywhere by making it easy for them to find gaming stuff that brings joy, supporting them to make a better living from their passion and skills and elevating gaming into a lifestyle that they can be fiercely proud of.

ZeusX is a global gaming company with a global outreach. They are looking at more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world expecting to spend over US$150 billion annually. They want to be a global bridge for the community by helping fellow gamers in different parts of the world monetize their gaming assets and connect them to peers who appreciate their investment of time, effort and money.

The team behind ZeusX are gamers themselves. So they can clearly identify that gamers’ needs are unique, and there are boundless opportunities just by focusing on what makes a gamer happy. Their mission and supporting approaches go beyond economic objectives.

More information can be found at https://zeusx.com.

About ZeusX

ZeusX is a trading platform for gamers all over the world, where they can buy and sell gaming assets like accounts, in-game items, top-ups, services, gift cards and collectibles.

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