Clean O Mist Launches New Portable Disinfectant Sprayer

This hand-held sanitizer’s disinfectant solution instantly latches onto surfaces, with no wiping needed.

It’s time to take preventative measures to protect yourselves, your employees and keep your businesses running safely! Many employers who disinfect frequently-touched areas face the struggles of doing multi-step processes to finish their tasks. The disinfectant spray brand Clean O Mist launches its CM3555 portable, hand-held disinfectant sprayer that doesn’t require wiping after use which gives employers a smarter device that can cut their cleaning time in half.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way homes, businesses, organizations, and industries clean and sanitize their spaces today. Restaurants, for example, have employed the use of sprayers, which can be effective in disinfecting viruses.

Richard MacDonald, the public health manager for food and water safety in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, commented in local news reports that the disinfectant sprayers are effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

The Clean O Mist Sprayer gets your job done fast! The Clean O Mist CM3555 disinfecting sprayer spray’s solution instantly latches onto surfaces. It can disinfect any area 5X the size in the same amount of time as traditional spray & wipe methods. Deeply disinfect hard to reach surfaces and high touchpoints with NO wiping needed! Thus, the product offers a faster and more efficient way to clean restaurants, class rooms, buses, offices, hotel rooms, and many other locations.

There is a 70% application time savings, 65% less chemical usage and 360-degree coverage with optimal effectiveness. To ensure your business is disinfected so you can have a germ-free safe workplace with peace of mind.

Employees and other staff can also use Clean O Mist CM3555 with ease, allowing them to disinfect in minutes. Its cordless, hand-held body is made of durable material. Its body weighs 1.9 kilos and runs quietly with a rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery. This battery feature enables it to run over 20 minutes on a single charge. It also has an easy-fill 800ml refillable tank that can cover up to 2800 sq. ft.

Desinfecte-Tout ® disinfectant solution is Health Canada-approved and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. To use the sprayer product, users just need to simply fill the tank with the solution, pull the trigger, and the sprayer goes to work laying down an even, uniform and wraparound layer of germ-killing power.

Feedback for Clean O Mist has endorsed the brand, its functionality, and ease of use. A spokesperson from the General Hospital Childcare Center in Montreal said, “We love it – it’s really convenient fun to use and able to clean the toys and blocks without having to do one at a time.”

A representative at the Y Ben Weider Daycare said, “This product is the best – we love it! Our priority here has always been to keep our children and staff safe. By far the most efficient and innovative way to disinfect!”

The Clean O Mist CM3555 disinfectant sprayer is light, sturdy, portable and rechargeable, the perfect solution to disinfect your facilities in your business.

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