Bamboo Creative Offers Inspiration for Long-Term Success

Long-term success doesn’t strike, it accumulates.

The day to day can certainly be daunting and overwhelming with mundane tasks and roles, but Bamboo Creative is looking to inspire generations of people with a simple message: “Stress doesn’t strike, it accumulates.”

There’s no doubt that it can seem impossible to really make a lasting change when people are trudging through the day to day, but Bamboo Creative is offering up some advice for the people who want to focus on the daily tasks at hand while also keeping the future in mind.

“Creators spend almost all their time creating, persevering despite doubt, failure, ridicule, and rejection until they succeed in making something new and useful,” said CJ Alvarado for Bamboo Creative. “There are no tricks or shortcuts. The process is ordinary, even if the outcome is not. Success is not magic but work.”

Burnout can be very real when people feel stuck or victim to the day to day rituals and routines they become fixed in, but when goals are in mind, people can overcome anything and keep their eye on the prize. Bamboo Creative knows that many people are struggling with seeing what’s right in front of them and wondering what they can change to make a positive and lasting impact. People want to leave a legacy, and that can’t be done when one is frustrated in their role.

The team at Bamboo Creative sat down to offer some friendly advice. First, practicing objectivity can help. Obstacles and challenges will come, and staying objective is critical to overcoming them. “Too often challenges arise and we get subjective about them — ‘this is bad, this will never change or it’s over!’. Those words are emotionally charged and affect how people approach the work.” Their team says stop adding subjective labels to things and instead see them for what they are, just obstacles. Next, they should understand obstacles hold opportunity. Within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve, so move toward them not away from them. Last, learn to rest, not quit. Often times, people work endlessly trying to change something or trying to achieve success. They burn out. Or they achieve it but at great personal cost. People finding time to step away so that they can come back to their work is critical to success.

Staying successful means staying the course and seeing the big picture by practicing objectivity, seeing opportunity in obstacles and resting well.

“I heard a quote by Jeff Bezos that I think is worth repeating, ‘All overnight success takes about 10 years.’ That sentiment is more important than ever in an age with hyper connectivity and lightning fast speeds. Accumulate wins day by day however small they may be and you’ll win.”

Bamboo Creative is a Northern California brand strategy and design agency. Their team works to empower clients and inspire greatness through a variety of comprehensive solutions centering around branding, design thinking, and implementation.

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