New Soul Academy Teaches People How to Use Sensitivity as A Superpower

The organization emphasizes how the world needs people’s empathic strength.

In a world where most people mock sensitivity as a weak trait, Jane Novak, who also goes by the name of Jane Lightworker, founded New Soul Academy to project a stronger voice and proclaim sensitivity as a superpower. She is an international speaker, an author, an energy expert and the creator of the #1 course for sensitive people.

Through New Soul Academy, Novak has helped thousands of people protect their energy and transform their sensitivity into strength. Sessions with the advisor make people recognize the challenges of being an unaware empath and the emotional and physical pain that comes with it. Her story reveals how, while being an energy sponge, she felt there was always something wrong with her. This feeling persisted throughout the changes in her life like becoming a sensitive parent, overcoming challenges in relationships and moving to a new country — that is until she finally became empowered, and decided to help thousands of people view their sensitivity as a gift.

“You are sensitive, not crazy,” stated Novak.

The speaker is open about her journey and how it has led her to start the incredible mission of helping people who feel lost and confused about their emotions as well as the daily challenges they faced while being highly sensitive. Her goal is that, in the end, sensitive people will awaken and realize their true nature as spiritual beings and how to use the gift of being born sensitive in this world.

Novak helps sensitive people know how to avoid feeling drained and feel empowered by teaching them how to start connecting to their inherent wisdom and take care of their energy. She also works with people who want to heal their fear-based beliefs, manifest their goals and ready to share their intuitive gifts with others.

She is offering a free e-book called “Essential Empath Toolbox,” containing seven powerful tools to become empowered on New Soul Academy’s website.

Her Instagram page (@jane_lightworker) is an amazing resource for as well as comfort for individuals who are looking to feel empowered and manifest their dreams.

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About New Soul Academy

New Soul Academy is an organization founded by Jane Novak, who is a life coach, an energy expert and a spiritual advisor.

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