IronmartOnline Offers the Money-Saving Alternative to Sales at Truck and Heavy Equipment Auctions

Heavy Equipment Brokerage Firm Has Developed a Seller-Friendly Method for Facilitating Private Sales

Mt Arligton, NJ – IronmartOnline is revolutionizing the way that private sellers connect with buyers for heavy equipment. As more and more buyers and sellers are looking for ways to connect with ease, several auction platforms have emerged that could cause more problems than they solve. Examples include Richie Bros auctioneers and the associated IronPlanet. Along with these types of platforms, there are growing concerns from sellers about the processes, security, and costs.

RBauction claims to offer an all-inclusive service. Part of this deal is equipment storage. Look closely, and you will notice that the platform offers several consignment options that might confuse a seller. Would you know whether you should sign up for the Richie Brothers auction with a straight commission or gross guarantee? Do you know the market sufficiently well to negotiate this settlement with Richie Bros auctioneers?

Next, there is the IronPlanet, which is actually an extension of RBauction. The platform requires you to welcome an inspector to your yard so that they can personally look at the item you want to sell. Do you have the time to welcome a Richie Brothers auction official and walk with them to inspect the heavy equipment you are selling? There is nothing easy about using this platform.

IronmartOnline has developed a hassle-free and contract-free way of selling your heavy equipment. It eliminates the huge risk of the auction platform use as well as the unknown costs many sellers report. By balancing the needs of the buyer with the wants of the seller, this brokerage firm succeeds at attracting a large audience for its sales. Not surprisingly, the firm moves the equipment it has quickly.

  • Full control. You remain in control of your crusher, sweeper, or tandem axle vehicle. If you need to use it, it is right there. Moreover, if you run across someone in the industry who has money burning a hole in their pocket, you have the power to make the sale yourself right there and then.
  • No transportation headaches. Staying in possession of the equipment means that you do not have to figure out how to haul it to a storage site. Moreover, there is no need for you to pay for moving the equipment to various auctions.
  • Secure transactions. The equipment does not leave your possession until IronmartOnline has secured the funds. This is of particular interest to sellers with antique heavy equipment.
  • No contract renewals. Your equipment remains listed until it sells. There are no contracts with expiration dates. Similarly, you do not have to keep track whether there is a renewal fee for your tub grinder but not the dozers. The brokerage firm keeps the vehicles listed until they sell, or you tell us to cancel the listing.
  • Net a greater return. There are no hidden fees. IronmartOnline and the seller agree ahead of time on the sales commission. An upfront marketing fee takes care of IronmartOnline’s expenses associated with your listing. Say good-bye to tiered payouts, value comparisons, and last-minute add-ons.
  • Less expensive than auctions. IronmartOnline charges a low commission that is usually lower than the cost associated with bringing your equipment to an auction. The firm works with an extensive marketing database and passes the resulting savings in your listing on to the seller.
  • Multi-platform marketing. Auctions are nice, but they are not necessarily the places where buyers for your equipment will look. IronmartOnline leverages its massive marketing system on many platforms that include online and offline resources.
  • Post-sale support. IronmartOnline does not stop when the funds are secured. Rather, you work with an experienced heavy equipment broker who arranges shipping for the buyer. You do not have to make any phone calls, get quotes on transportation, or coordinate with the buyer on the receiving end.

About IronmartOnline:

IronmartOnline is the alternative to truck and heavy equipment auctions. The broker is headquartered at Mt Arlington, New Jersey 07856. Test-drive the competitive selling platform today by placing one or more hassle-free listings. Get more information by connecting with Jay Trevorrow at (973) 886-3020.

In the alternative, visit the company’s website at

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