MORNSUN Carries the Day by Ranking 19th in the “Ghuangzhou Enterprise Innovation Top 50 List”.

MORNSUN Keeps the Spirit of Innovation and Frequently Strengthens the Intellectual Property Protection.

Guangdong, China – April 29, 2021 – As a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer, MORNSUN has evolved through times due to the superior innovative designs that have instilled reliance and durability into the company’s name and products. The legacy of innovation enlisted the company’s name in the prestigious “Guangzhou Enterprise Innovation Top 50 List (2020)”. The company ranked 19 in the recently released list by Guangzhou Daily Data and Digital Research Institute (GDI Think Tank).

MORNSUN holds a distinguishing position in inculcating the sublimity of innovation in its products. Its top ranking in the list is a testimony to the claim. Mornsun burns the candle at both ends to ensure reliability, safety, and efficiency. With a team of more than 500 professional engineers, the company spends more than 20% of its annual sales on research and development.

As Intellectual Property Protection is critical to fostering innovation, MORNSUN is an IPR Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong. The company is proud of its own Intellectual Property Rights of integrated circuits, innovative transformer structure, and appearance design. Since its inception, MORNSUN has applied 1000+ patents for inventions.

With a far-reaching vision and shaping a better business environment, MORNSUN has always laid great emphasis on the importance of the protection of IPR. The company actively engaged with the Intellectual Property Office. Consequently, the company participated in many activities related to IPR and legally safeguarded the rights and interests of the enterprise which increased the motivation for innovation.

MORNSUN keeps pace with the changing trends in the modern manufacturing sector and thrives hard to master independent intellectual Property Rights. The company is a staunch believer in innovation and determines to earnestly participate in the global competition in order to conclusively influence the world with its brand strength.


Mornsun, headquartered in China, is an emerging leader in vertical industrial power supply manufacturing. Mornsun pays heed to the innovation in the final end product and stresses the importance of independent intellectual property rights to delivers one-stop power solutions to help engineers who are facing the issues of complexity of power systems. Since its inception in 1998, the company boasts many awards and certificates due to its appreciable role played as a leading industrial power supply manufacturer.

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