SNC Grading Earns “Most Trustworthy” Award in Sports Card Grading Category

Founder Phillip White and his team at SNC Grading announces they have been honored with “Most Trustworthy” Award in Sports Card Grading Category for being a reliable and dependable card grading company

Waddell, AZ – SNC Grading is proud to announce they have been honored with the “Most Trustworthy” Award in the Sports Card Grading Category. The company specializes in grading and authentication of sports and other trading cards for card collectors and sellers.

SNC Grading wants to improve credibility and efficiency with its exceptional services to inspire and satisfy trading card hobbyists. That’s why they explain the grades, offer subgrades, and deliver cards to clients at a fast turnaround time.

They offer a simple submission process and pricing to create stability in the market. Customers trust them because their grades can never be bought, and they will never sacrifice quality for quantity, as each card passes through three people during the grading process.

Founder of SNC, Phillip White, has been in the business of grading trading and sports cards for more than fourteen years. He’s a man driven by passion and responsibility to uphold the values of a hobby that brings people together and has become a part of the culture.

Philip started SNC Grading because he wanted to positively impact the industry and provide exceptional customer service for clients. Today, many grading companies have set the bar low because of their poor service delivery and lack of trustworthiness.

Even though some of them provide subgrades, they never explain the grades. Their submission process is often very complicated, and some of these companies hold customer’s cards for months. Pricing is also a problem; most grading companies today charge based on the value of the card. So, the higher the card’s value is, the more it costs to grade it. Customers are forced to pay $50 to $1,000 plus to grade their cards.

The SNC Grading team comes with a unique proposition that focuses on customer service, quality delivery, and a simple and verifiable grading process that is trusted and reliable.

All cards graded by SNC Grading get subgrades and reviews, and they provide reasons for the grading, including centering, corners, and edges. The reviews are accessible on the website or YouTube. They also offer a simple grading process with a 15-day guarantee turnaround time.

Pricing is a big issue in the trading card grading industry. SNC Grading is challenging the system by introducing a more stable pricing structure and package that helps clients save money without compromising quality. Their pricing model is as thus; $16.00 per card (1-9 cards submitted), $14.00 per card (10-99 cards submitted) $12.00 per card (100+ cards submitted). They hope to remain committed to this pricing or something near it to create some stability in the industry.

SNC Grading promises to continue setting the bar high and introducing more innovative and improved customer experience with their services. That is why they invest in staff training, provide personalized service for clients, and continue to build trust, integrity, and professionalism.

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About SNC Grading

SNC Grading is a sports and trading cards grading company based in Waddell, Arizona. The company is one of the most trusted grading companies offering high-quality grading on the market. Their grades can’t be bought, unlike every other grading company, large or small.

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