Growth Marketing Agency Goes 100% Remote, Assures Higher Quality of Service for Clients

Clients of We Run Digital to receive a faster turnaround as their marketing agency hires talent globally and takes their operations fully remote

Hong Kong-based growth marketing agency, We Run Digital takes a step towards becoming an agile, global team. This is in keeping step with their motivation to become a global leading growth marketing agency for Real Estate and FinTech companies around the world.

Founder of We Run Digital, Joannah Hon said, “COVID-19 has forced us all to work creatively. Since going fully remote, we have seen a 32 percent increase in efficiency. We now hire based on talent, not on location, which has been a game-changer for us. Our clients are happier because we are producing results much faster.”

By going fully remote, We Run Digital now has a team of experts working 20 hours every day in different time zones across the world. Collectively, the members of each team at the agency speak over 8 languages making it possible to offer nothing short of the best marketing services even for non-native English speakers.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus crumbled businesses structured on physical interactions. Survival in these times necessitates a transition from physical, retail stores and offices to online platforms working remotely. Having embraced the move to transition, We Run Digital has not only kept their marketing agency on its feet, but they have also improved their efficiency by 32 percent. Their staff keeps to COVID-19 protocols and social distancing rules, working remotely while serving their global portfolio of clients.

“The future of work as we define it is shifting dramatically. Jobs we thought could never be done remotely have now proven to thrive in agile environments.” Joannah added. “Technology is evolving and influencing how we work. Businesses have to continually adapt to meet the demands of the future for a more profitable world of work.”

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About We Run Digital

We Run Digital Limited is a Growth Marketing Agency in Hong Kong. They work as an extension of sales and marketing teams to attract target customers to a company’s website, convert qualified leads, and nurture those leads into opportunities.

Spent thousands on paid campaigns and seen nothing in return? Work with a performance-driven agency and start generating leads that convert into sales.

We Run Digital offers growth marketing services that help companies generate traffic, acquire leads, nurture leads, and convert sales. Their services also cut across acquiring leads through paid campaigns, fast-tracking leads progress through sales funnels, and conversion of leads via automated systems. They are the go-to agency for marketing services guaranteed to produce worthy results.

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