Screw Piles Calgary Supplied and Installed by Torsion Screw Piles Ltd. Offering Stable Foundations for Construction Applications in Calgary Alberta, Canada

For more than five years, Torsion Screw Piles Ltd. has provided dependable screw pile installation services in Northern and Central Alberta. Helical Screw pile installation is a relatively fast process that can be done in an hour or less, depending on the size of the job. Because there is no need for excavation like that of concrete piles, screw piles are a less invasive and more cost effective option.

According to announcements released by Torsion Screw Piles Ltd. and Ronnie Daub, this screw piles Calgary supplier and installer uses CCMC certified materials for all its projects, be they residential or light commercial. Torsion understands each job is unique and treats each installation differently to provide a stable and long-lasting helical pile installation.

Torsion Screw Piles Ltd. has provided numerous screw pile foundations to support a variety of construction applications like decks, patios, sheds, sun rooms, garage pads, solar panels, grain bins and more. Because of their expertise Torsion is able to offer their customers competitive pricing while still maintaining fantastic customer service. 

CCMC screw piles or helical piles are made from new steel and are used as a deep ground foundation to support many different types of structures. In order for piles to receive CCMC certification they must be fabricated in conformance with the standards put forth by the CCMC and the NRCC. Then only after an evaluation is a manufacturer awarded their CCMC certification number. Only trained and approved installers like Torsion Screw Piles Ltd. are permitted to install certified screw piles.

The proven installation process used by Torsion results in a fast, safe, and efficient screw pile installation. At one end of the helical pile is the helix. Because the helix transfers the load from the pile into the earth, maintaining a good soil condition during installation is key. Screw piles are driven into the ground at a slow speed using a specially designed drive head. Using this high torque drive head ensures proper pile installation and minimizes soil disturbance. Using the incorrect equipment will disturb the soil and compromise the integrity of the foundation. Applied installation torque is monitored during the process. Screw Piles are driven into the soil until the specified applied torque is reached. This torque reading can then be used to verify the helical piles load-bearing capacity.

Unlike concrete piles, helical screw piles are not susceptible to the harmful effects of extreme temperature changes. Cold winters like those experienced in Calgary AB attribute to a condition known as frost jacking or heaving. It is in these conditions where concrete piles crack at the frost line allowing moisture to penetrate. When the moisture turns to ice it expands lifting the pile out of the ground. Screw piles, however, do not fall victim to this. Because screw piles are constructed of one solid piece of steel, they do not crack. Also with the screw piles load-bearing helix installed well below the frost line they do not encounter the expanding ice and do not lift.

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Ronnie Daub of Torsion Screw Piles said, “Auger-installed screw pile foundations have become the new standard in Calgary for many building applications. Traditionally concrete piles were the foundation of choice. But no longer. And with screw piles being more stable and cost-effective, it is easy to see why.

Helical screw piles can vary in quality from one manufacturer to the next. However, certified screw piles can last between 50 – 75 years, depending on soil conditions. Certified piles have to meet the criteria set out by the CCMC. With certified piles required to have corrosion control measures as well as be installed by approved installers, it’s understandable why they can last so long.”

On the benefits of screw piles over concrete, Daub said, “There are several advantages to using helical piles vs concrete piles. The most significant advantage is that there is no mess. Concrete piles require holes to be drilled in the ground. The fill created from this excavation takes extra time and money to deal with. Screw piles are non-invasive to have installed, and there is no excavating required.

Additionally, concrete footings need to be left to harden after being poured. Concrete piles should be left for at least seven days to harden up enough to begin building your project. Screw piles can be built on immediately after installation is completed. When properly installed, screw pilings do not disturb the soil; this means there is no settling or movement afterward.”

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Torsion Screw Piles offers its services to homeowners and businesses that seek a solid foundation for decks, patios, sheds, etc. For more than five years, this business has enabled the people of Alberta to benefit from screw piles for quickly raising structures that last long.

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