ZXTGY Introduces a Groundbreaking Technique, Leads a New Revolution in Dental Repair Technique

Recently, a company from China named ZXTGY (ZXTGY (Suzhou) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.) takes the lead in breaking through the existing dental ceramic material technology by introducing a new brand of dental ceramic named DIAZIR. This product amazes people with its excellent product and aesthetic performances. It is reasonable to believe that this product will bring a new revolution in the global dental repair industry in the future.


As we know, this latest release of the DIAZIR Nano Toughness Zirconia Dental Ceramics is a great breakthrough in the study of dental materials as it is a real bio-nano high-tech innovation. This product has an outstanding mechanical property and excellent durability. Its high fracture strength of 2000 MPa greatly reduces its failure rate in the clinic, which can still reach 1850 MPa even after aging. Additionally, this product presents a great performance in aesthetics of ultrahigh transparency of over 58%. We believe that the outstanding qualities of DIAZIR dental ceramics will provide a better user experience and health care for its patients worldwide.

This new product release has brought attention from the dental repair industry, and media from other frontier biological material studies and relevant healthcare industries. Nowadays, there are more strong competitors from China in the oral health industry. This will greatly affect the industry’s current status and further push the development, research, and revolution in the oral health industry. This is great news for all people and is the perfect choice for your third pair of teeth. After nearly 30 years of researches, innovations, and breakthroughs by the founder of ZXTGY and the technology team, ZXTGY becomes the innovation leader in the industry. 

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