Chip Richards: The Only Man Who Cares for and about Cars

Chip Richards: The Only Man Who Cares for and about Cars

Deciding on what career path to follow is a difficult decision for many young adults to make, not necessarily because of the lack of what to do, but also because many people nowadays want more than just starting a business. For Chip Richards, growing up around automobiles helped narrow down and simplified his options. Now a business owner, he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Chip is the Owner and Operator at We Bring The Mechanic Shop To You LLC. With several years of experience in the auto repair industry to back up his services to the people in Alabama and Georgia.

He grew up watching and helping his father run a paint and body shop right in the backyard; according to him, helping at the time meant holding the flashlight. According to him, his father had him and his siblings around race cars so much that Chip started to have dreams about cars! He played Need For Speed daily, building and modifying the cars in the gamer garage. Cars quickly became his passion, but he never had a knack for paint and body repairs. Chip would always excel in swapping alternators, starters and performing small engine repairs at a young age.

Richards is a bag of experience because he decided to take his profession seriously in 2016, which saw him bag his first ASE Certification from Bevill State Community College in Advanced Engine Performance. He followed that with a completed cam swap on his 2010 LS3 Camaro SS with a 6.2l V8. Chip ported the cylinder heads by hand with a Dremel and upgraded everything on the top end! The car made nearly 600 HP naturally aspirated! At the time, this was unheard of for an LS3 engine without a power adder.

So far, Richards has worked for Serra Chevrolet, Goodyear of Buckhead Atlanta, Hendricks Chevrolet, and a few mom-and-pop shops around Alabama. But he quickly found out that he was not a good employee. Chip never did what he was told because that killed the creativity in his mind. In 2018 he came up with the concept of what you now know as We Bring The Mechanic Shop To You LLC. where he provides the highest quality brake repairs and general maintenance on your vehicle right in your driveway or your job.

Although everyone is motivated differently, a common denominator is the desire to do something of note and to make a difference— any difference. According to Richards, “I wanted to help people who are pressed for time and didn’t feel like waiting around inside a shop all day like I used to! I wanted to make a difference in my community and impact people at a level where they would never forget me!”

On where he sees himself in five years, he says, “I see myself wherever God wants me and the company to be! “The plan is to help as many people as I can every single day, as long as I wake up and have breath inside my lungs.”

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