Vikash Jha Creating Art That Evokes Intense Feelings in Viewers

Vikash Jha Creating Art That Evokes Intense Feelings in Viewers

Visual art transcends what it represents at face value. It represents more and can evoke different types of feelings from the viewers. Vikash Jha has mastered the art of using art to transport his audience to a place where they can experience feelings beyond the appreciation of what the art entails. Vikash Jha’s art is extraordinary, and his works have been linked to those of master artists like Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Robert Rauschenberg. Operating officially under his studio, Vikash Jha Studios, Vikash has mastered the ability to showcase transcendental visual expressions through his works, and he’s doing that for all to see and appreciate.

Vikash Jha has been quoted many times saying, “Art is my Nirvana. It has been a powerful source to guide me through my life’s troughs and crests, and I believe it can be the same for all of us if we allow it. It is my happy place as it gets me creatively engaged with how colors interplay with one another and how to communicate messages and emotion.” Coming from India, Vikash got on the freedom path early enough in his life. His parents encouraged him to pursue the path that gave him the most happiness. He started spending his weekends at a specialized art school where he learned all the formal techniques of the masters and honed his artistic prowess. Vikash moved to the USA and enrolled in specialized programs at Harvard University and MIT. His journey in the art world has been intentional, fully supported, and relentless.

Vikash’s strengths are the use of bold colors, cross-cultural imageries, and multilayered painting techniques. He is continuously learning new things in his art practice and never shies away from experimentations—with materials, techniques, and mediums. He invariably uses mix mediums to create his compositions, and his works are often very textural, using a wide range of materials, like marble powder, sand glass beads, metal powders, scrap and discarded materials, cement, and all the upcycled fabrics and recycled materials he could lay his hands on. He extensively uses palette knives, all kinds of paint brushes, scrubbers, and other materials to express his mind and manifest his compositions on the canvases. 

Vikash Jha is passionate about the physical, educational, and emotional well-being of children as keys to keeping the world going. This explains why he embarks on endeavors and activities that spur underprivileged children toward a path of happiness and fulfillment. Vikash’s works have gone on display thrice at key New York City venues like Sotheby’s Fine Art Auction house and the Oculus at the World Trade Center through MvVO AD Art Show. His works have also been shown at many other New York City galleries and New York area art venues. Vikash’s art has held many people spellbound, and that for him is the biggest win in his career.

Vikash has some shows slated for 2021, which include the upcoming MvVO AD Art Show 2021 in New York City. The show will be held between May 1st and May 31st, 2021, at the Oculus at the World Trade Center, New York. The selection committee and jury for this show consists some well-known names in the art world such as Laura Skoler (Chair of the Jury, Board of Director, New Museum, NYC), Eric Shiner (Former Director of Andy Warhol Museum, NYC), Jose Diaz (Curator of Andy Warhol Museum, NYC), Stephanie Baptist (Curator, Facebook Open Arts), Isaac Aden (Senior Curator), Jerome A. Cohen, Joan Lebold Cohen and Ed Hogikyan (Co-Founder, Former Executive Director, NYCxDesign). Vikash will be exhibiting alongside the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ drummer and contemporary artist Chad Smith.

Rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs of the art world has played a significant role in advancing Vikash Jha’s work. It has also strengthened his resolve to keep putting in the work to take his craft to a global audience and grow his international art brand. 

Learn more about Vikash Jha Studios on the official website and visit the official Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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