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Private equity and consulting firm Allure Management Incorporated is a group of ingenious, capable, and highly motivated individuals working to uplift the investments in commercial and residential real estate, transactional funding, equities trading, and healthcare consulting services.

Atlanta, GA, USA – The right to boosting investment and financial freedom is an essential feature for the development of firms. Therefore corporate owners require a well-managed, well-planned system of guidance and consultation advice. Compliant corporation formation is a strategy to prevent the disruptive end of businesses. To handle such legal business matters professionally, Allure Management Inc. is a Private Equity and Consulting Firm in Atlanta, GA, operated by Shamina Tate, specializing in corporate finance management for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses. It provides opportunities for various business/personal credit repair and leveraging strategies by assisting in transactional funding, real estate investing, stock trading, business acquisitions, consultancy services, and logistics.

Allure Management Inc. has a long list of Hip Hop pioneer clients and small to medium-size business owners. Allure has 2 of the 40 licensees to the Billion Operating System Trading Platform, powered by Billion Schmidt, that enables access to strategic emerging markets for their investors. The clients are allowed to invest significantly in commercial and residential real estate properties, opening up options for advanced business funding and scaling approaches to corporate development. Moreover, the team comprises a division with over 40 years of nursing experience, so they also provide corporate healthcare advisory services for its customers. Co-founder and owner Shamina Tate is herself a registered nurse (RN) with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and 24 years of experience in the healthcare field. She currently works as a Chairperson, Trustee, and Private Equity Manager at Allure. Other executive members on the team include Allure’s Associate Liaison, and Consultant Katrina Allen, who also is an RN, qualified in MS, PE. Michael Davis is a VP, PE Associate, who works as a Trading Analyst, and Consultant at the firm.

Private equity management, business acquisition, real estate, transactional funding, credit solutions, equities trading, investment consulting, and healthcare consulting are all areas of expertise. They assist clients with the formation and structure of legally compliant corporations. The company helps clients to obtain business funding by using the EIN of the company rather than an individual’s SSN. This strategy enables a company’s business to grow and thrive without being flushed by cash flow issues. The priority is to improve the client’s/business company credibility and credit profile so that wealth can follow. Allure Management’s team places a strong emphasis on credit repair, rebuilding, and leveraging strategies.

At Allure, the mission is to strive forward by providing the clients with opportunities for financial independence and wealth curating methodologies. In addition to becoming a community asset, the goal is to be a valuable partner to the clients. The firm includes forward-thinking, imaginative, inventive, and self-driven people committed to carrying the clients’ portfolios and legacies forward. They work with a vision to create a community of like-minded, financially stable investors, ready to bring in individual and generational wealth!

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